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This has been discussed 1000 times.Im opening this Thread so everyone can read it (the new guys) and dont open similar Threads !They are at least 4 opened for this !Why dont you just read them ?

If your Videos are going to fast in Prophecy.Go to the DXDIAG.From there go to "Sound" and set acceleration OFF !
IF the game crushes now,try other acceleration options.
Also for WinXP users,try the compatimpility modes !Win95,Win98 etc.


Here's an even easier solution. If your Wing Commander Prophecy video cutscenes skip, unzip this patch to your Prophecy directory: http://www.wcrevival.de/hcl/prophecy_video_fix.zip
WCP video

I have tried turning off the sound acceleration, but then my system crashes. When I use just basic acceleration, then the video is still going too fast. I don't know what else to do? I think I downlaoded the voodoo patch, but I am not exactly sure. I am running off XP and using a NVIDIA card. Can someone please help me?
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This may work at 90%.Maybe not.

Thats what I said......I got the same problem with you....no other solution Iam sorry
I had this problem. I run on a SoundBlaster Live! sound card, and I'm not sure it will work with other sound cards but here are the steps I take to solve the problem and it works 100% of the time:

1. Click on My Computer
2. Click on Control Panel
3. Click on Multimedia
4. The audio tab is pre-selected. Click on the 'Advanced Properties' button under 'Playback'
5. Click on the 'Performance' tab
6. Slide the 'Hardware Acceleration' tab to none and the 'Sample Rate Conversion Quality' tab to Best

This should solve your problem if you run on the same sound card!
Thank you very much for your information :)

But I cant test it cause my soundcard fried ! :p

If it works with Live! maybe it will work with Audigy too. I got SB Audigy ;)

thanks again, Ill try it as soon as I get a new Audigy
Can you find any other options? Turning full duplex or something like that off should help as well.
Alright, i'd to lay this out on the table. the problems i'm having are almost exactly like everyone else's but I've tryed the solutions and no go. Now got all the WC games beside the the expansions, (Sercet Missions ect...) But the main ones i've been trying to play is WC4 and WCP. WC4 won't even install without freezing my comp and WCP will play if I alter the DirectX options but the movies are choppy and it only goes so far before crashing the game. I've tryed the compatabilty options, and i've messed with the Hardware Acceleration as well but nothing helps. My comp's specs are 2.0GHZ,Windows XP,GeForce4 64MB,256RAM. If anyones got any ideas how I can get them to play please let me know. I NEED MY WC:confused:
Well I feel your pain. Not only do I have Win2k, but I also have a SoundBlaster live card. I've tried all acceleration modes for video and sound, switching between Direct3d and Software, running in Win98 and 95 compatibility modes and I still get crashes or fatal errors. I also tried the Win2k patch and no help there either.

My comp's specs are 500MHZ,Windows 2k professional, TNT2 32MB, 256RAM. I know it's old but its still more than enough for prophecy. And I can't afford an upgrade until after I finish college.

And then there's my Privateer 1 cd that's now useless, but that's a whole different issue. I sure wish I would have kept my 486 now. :(
There is no Problem with the Wc4 under any windows.You just have to d/l the win95 patch (find it in the "files" section).

Now there IS a problem with Prophecy`s movies....and no real solution....

P.S. Your Pc Crushes probably cause of the Soundcard MoonSilver.Install Wc4 with "no sound" .It will install normally.Also dont test the Video etc,you dont need it.Just install it with no sound and then install the patch.It will play perfectly.
um, would it be to much trouble for a link to the win95 patch, not sure where it is. And as for the installing WC4 forgot to mention one prob......the mouse doesn't control the pointer and the keyboard....well a little press of a key and you can move it an inch.....or it flys to the other side of the screen:). As for propechy I worked it out. In windows 98 compatiabilty,DirectX Sound acceleration turned all the way off and a restart if the movies start losing snych or the mission movie sounds start messing up you can get through the whole game:) This is a good solution for anyone with a comp like mine.
Btw, that was Prophecy that I am having the problem with. I wish video skipping was my only problem. It will always crash on me during missions, no matter what acceleration I change, what compatibility mode I run it in and whatever video mode I run it in(Direct3d or Software).

Edit: I now have Prophecy running flawlessly in Win2k!!!!

I had originally installed the Prophecy Win2k patch. Go ahead and do that first.

First of all, the skipping video problem is solved by going to control panel -> sounds & multimedia -> audio-> sound playback -> advanced -> performance -> set hardware acceleration all the way to the left (none)

Now for the crashing to stop:

In your prophecy folder, create a file named "prophecy.cfg". Put these lines in that file:

installDirectory=d:\prophecy (wherever prophecy is located on your pc)
cdDirectory=E:\ (your cdrom drive letter)
rasterMajor=6 (for software mode)
useStreamer=0 (this turns off music and I believe this setting stopped my crashing)

Next, create a shortcut on your desktop to your prophecy.exe. Now, right-click on your shortcut and left-click properties. Go to the shortcut tab and in the target, put in this line:
D:\prophecy\prophecy.exe @prophecy.cfg
Change the directory and drive letter to match whatever set up you have. The @prophecy.cfg will tell the exe to use your config file.

I do not have the shortcut set to run prophecy in any compatibility mode. Also, hardware acceleration for my video card is on full and acceleration for the soundcard (the setting in dxdiag) is set to none.

This may work if you want to run the game in Direct3d, I'll check on this when I have more time. Thanks to this page for pointing me in the right direction: https://www.wcnews.com/webmirrors/tech/gamefaq/prophecy.html
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I just tested it again and Prophecy will also run in Direct3d mode just fine.

You can change it to direct3d by changing one setting in the prophecy.cfg I created earlier:

Originally posted by Moonsilver
not sure where it is. And as for the installing WC4 forgot to mention one prob......the mouse doesn't control the pointer and the keyboard....well a little press of a key and you can move it an inch.....or it flys to the other side of the screen:). As for propechy .

I Installed it with that prob too.... get used to it


Peter 1X9:Thank you very much for your info buddy :)

hi, im running winxp. trying to play wcp again. the videos skip through fast sometimes. other times they skip to a point where it goes at normal speed but then still the audio/video is out of sync.

someone suggested lowering sound acceleration in directx settings, i did that i tried all levels actually, no go. also tried tinkering with the ddraw and d3d accelaration there too, with different settings of sound accel, no go on any combinationo of the two...

any ideas?

i have 1.7ghz p4. radeon 9000 64 meg.

the videos skip a little at the start of a new video, but then the video runs normal, i feel its important to note that, but the rest of the video the audio will be out of sync with video...and i cant watch it like that!

when i set sound accel to the left (none) the videos wont play at all, you just see the first frame and they are frozen in time. so i have alt tab out and close it down.