WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

Looking good!

When you get to the polishing stage, I would say the turrets look a bit out of place, mostly due to the color difference. Seems like it wouldn't be too hard to re-texture them? I guess they also look a little too big to me, but I might be crazy.

Let me know if you want help testing or anything.
Good eye you've got here! The thing is that the Freespace models have their turrets integrated inside the model while the Homeworld ones have their turrets as separate models. The result is that I cannot animate the initial turrets and I was pretty much forced to add on top of them some other turret model, in this case the ones from czacen's models. And I had to make them big enough to cover the original turrets. I'll try to further edit the Saga models to grab the turrets as independent models to have them properly animated, but that will come later.

In the meantime, enjoy the newest addition to the fleet, the Ralarrad-class light destroyer, armed with a s**tload of antifighter batteries and a long range missile launcher for these days when you want the hairless apes to have a very bad day.


Aaaaaand, this is it! All Kilrathi capships bar the Dread are now ingame and working!

The Ralaxath heavy destroyer is the latest addition to the fleet, with its antifighter turrets, its antimatter gun and its long-range missile launcher:


Assemble the Fleet, Melek!


Do you think it would be okay to send me one of the cap ship models just to play with for personal exploration? I'd like to see if I can figure something out with the turrets.
Do you think it would be okay to send me one of the cap ship models just to play with for personal exploration? I'd like to see if I can figure something out with the turrets.
Well, the models are in WCSaga, and I'll need to take the turrets off manually. I can do that, though it'll take me some time, like a week or so (I'm supposed to give a talk tomorrow and I haven't prepared anything). Anyway, here's the link to the Kamrani corvette's hod file:

And the .obj model, without textures:

Have fun!
Ok, so the plan right now is to get the Kilrathi as a playable faction ASAP to release the 2.0 version of the mod for every ody to enjoy both in Skirmish and in online multiplayer. No date promised, but I'll try to get it done fast. After that, two jobs: get the models to use the proper turrets and update the Confederation with the Saga models.

Which also means that, for quite obvious balance and model reasons, the original factions of the game will not be put immediately together when the WC Saga Confed will be up. I will initially make an internal mode to separate the factions by era and then see what can be done to get everyone together for fun and massive casualties. The ideal, ideal thing would be to get Saga-level models and textures for the two other Wing Commander 4 factions.

If anyone feels themselves up to that task, I would be particularly glad to hear about you, but I'd rather be realistic here: that's some huge work we're talking about now. So a full-HD version of the mod is unlikely to come at best, but I'll do what I can with the current assets. If you heard about a really nice textured model of the Vesuvius, Bearcat, Dragon/Lance or any Border Worlds craft, please give me the contact info of the creator to see if I can use it.
I miss 3 ships.


Naktarg Troop Transport
Sha'kar Transport (for mining)
and the Zakhari Class frigate as a Counterpart to the Caernavon class Confed frigate (same armament)
I've got the transport transcribed into the Hod format, but it's still WIP as I try to get it as a resource controller, the frig and the shuttle aren't done yet, though.
OK, got the Zakhari frigate ingame:



And my thanks to @Lunawolf242 who's doing right now the porting of the fighters for both factions. I'll start working now on the code for the Kilrathi faction to be actually playable. :-)
Well, thanks the CIC for the headline, because I have one great news to announce here! Lc4Hunter, the modeller behind the Wing Commander mod for X3 Terran Conflict, just offered to help rebuild our models with a few more details. To have an idea of the kind of work present in the Terran Conflict mod:

And mod update: the Kilrathi's Headquarters for the game is operational, and will allow the docking of their corvettes.

Here's the Kilrathi turrets: http://scoobydoo.freespacemods.net/Stuff/Models.rar
I don't intend to use them anymore, they were good for the time, but are too low-res now-a-days.
Thanks! I'll try to get them ingame!

And in other news, ModDB decided to remove the mod from their listings for some reasons unless I edit it, but without allowing me to edit it either... Oh, well, with the Steam Workshop, they aren't relevant anymore, are they?
Does anyone have a functional model of the Bengal Class Carrier? I tried using Klavs models but nearly half of his stuff is broken when importing in Maya, and Blender. Also anyone know texturing, if we can get some WC4 colours for the confed models it would easily make our jobs much faster.
I can't get Klav's Bengal to open in MAX either. I'll see if I can dig up an alternative, but it's kind of hard to find WC1-2 era models.
Great news everyone! As of tonight, I have a working Kilrathi faction.

A lot of stuff remains to be done aesthetically and to enable AI use of the ships, but it's working!

Update with screenshots:





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Fantastic! I'm still, slowly, playing through the original Homeworld when I have a chance. I can't wait to try this out!

Great work by all of you!
Aaaaaargh! My laptop crashed hard with all my data on it, including the Homeworld mod's only copy. Good thing, though, is that the IT in the lab managed to save the hard drives, so I'm doing a complete back-up on external drives as I write (on the tablet) and I will probably get another laptop this week-end. 1.5 TB to copy...

Expect a few days of additional delay because of this shit. But rest assured, the data for the 2.0 version, which is entirely ready save balancing of the Kilrathi faction, IS INTACT.