WC Uprez Unity3d Doodle! (Heavy GIF Use, Mobile Users Beware!)

Awesome work Howie! Hoping Hunter puts that cigar out in case he acidentally bumps his mixture to 100% Oxygen!
The B-52 still has ash trays... oddly, it's right near the oxygen regulator. We still have the checklist step... "No smoking, crew".

In the picture (yes, that's me, once upon a time) the circle is the ash tray, the square is the Oxygen Regulator control.


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Thanks! And I *want* to include Hunter's stoagie in his cockpit helmet...but with the visior down there's just no room. Aww, fuck - I can have the visor up! Hehehehe, okay, that's not a bad idea.
And it looks awesome, so, here you go. :p


We were always told a story about Curtis E. LeMay (blessed father of Strategic Air Command) and he would walk around the jets while they were being refueled on the ground. Poor airman/sergeant comes up to him "Sorry General, but you can't smoke this close to the refueling operations. It could ignite the fuel and blow us all up."

General LeMay looks the poor kid in the eye and says "It wouldn't dare."
Bunkroom update - Thinking of ditching the separate Rec room all together, but I suppose I do still need the flightsim and bartender. :p Maybe follow in Travis's footsteps and add a pool table. :D
In some ways the layout here reminds me a bit more of WC2 over WC1, but even WC2 had a lounge in the cutscenes, though I don't think you actually see the bartender in WC2
I'm just jumping in to show support.

I like that you're trying to model that interregnum between WC1 and WC2, where Blair was beached in the middle of nowhere doing nothing, while his teammates like Angel and Maniac from WC1 were fighting and dying on the frontlines.

Also, I like the feel you're going for the TCS Orszaga -- something that "fits" into the WC universe, something that's in between the Concordia and Tiger's Claw (or maybe a bit smaller than the Claw herself) a sort of WC1.5 era light carrier; because not everything in the Terran Confederation was a full size fleet carrier.
Sheppard: Thanks! the time period I'm targeting is 2656 - Before the 'Claws destruction, And I'm sort of wondering if I can use this particular mission (to test and evaluate a new Firekkan Space-fighter) as an excuse to get Hunter off the Claw before she gets toasted.
The player character in my version here will likely *not* be Blair, but some other green pilot. As a joke I was planning on making the new guy look like Luke Skywalker.

thecoredump, FekLeyrTarg: Yeah, that stuff all exists. It'd still be a lot of work to get them set up again to render properly, as more than a few of the textures are in .CEL format which 3dsmax no longer natively supports.

So minor changes - added some atmosphere to the lights (sorta a dry run for the hangar scenes up next) and some Color Ramp brightness desaturation - basically on thing like walls and floors and especially fabric, as they get brighter they lose saturation. Helps add some depth to the scene. I plan on doing some of the same to the dark end of the spectrum - only they desaturate to a more blue tone, rather than a neutral gray like I have for the brightness.
You know, if you ever need any pilot characters for this particular boat, I've got a whole bunch of half-fleshed out generic pilots from WCRPG you could use. Feel free.
Thanks! So far I've just got Conan, Chef, Don, and, Wildcard as the Orszaga-specific pilots you'll be flying with. Dunno if adding more would be entirely neccessary. :/

Ok. Done with the Barracks for now, added the atmospheric lighting to the briefing ready room as well.
Either the Officers Lounge or Debriefing area next!