WC Uprez Unity3d Doodle! (Heavy GIF Use, Mobile Users Beware!)

So @Howard Day is this supposed to be an assignment Angel gets instead of transferring to the Austin to be her squadron commander (as referenced in SM2)? I really love everything about this and the Tolmacs design is excellent.
No, the idea for an intro to this was Halcyon, Angel, Hunter, Maniac, and the Player are talking on the flight deck of the 'Claw. Hunter and the player are heading to the Orszaga to flight and combat evaluate the Firrekan's first space fighter, Angel's leaving for the Austin to take command of the flight wing, and Maniac's being an ass.
Due to the jump-timing involved, You and Hunter are flying stripped-down Hornets - No HS missile and a dump tank of jump fuel; needed to catch up and rendezvous with the Orszaga.

That'd be the last you'd see of the old crew besides Hunter until the last set of missions, where you Scramble-respond in a Broadsword to fly in ahead of the Orszaga assisting the Austin in retrieving stranded 'Claw pilots after the ambush at K'tithrak Mang. Angel's on your wing, one of the pilots you snag is Maniac.
thecoredump, FekLeyrTarg: Yeah, that stuff all exists. It'd still be a lot of work to get them set up again to render properly, as more than a few of the textures are in .CEL format which 3dsmax no longer natively supports.
Yes, it does take up time setting up the materials in particular depending on which program you use.
The good news is that I managed to convert all cel files to bmp. :)
Sweet! You should update the wc3d.zip archive. :D
Here's a minor update from some conversations on the discord last night.