WC IV Windows 95 troubles-need help!

Are you sure you need MoSlo for WC2.. In most cases it runs fine (mouths move too fast but you can read the sub-titles) ... Without running Moslo see if you can start it up and play...


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Well,it is running without Moslo,but it is too fast to play!I can`t even fire while flying curves!I don`t even see it when I die!
Just boom and you are dead!

I really need to get it worked!
Are you including the switch that specifies how fast to run it? If you don't, it'll default to something like 4.5 MHz, which is way too SLOW. Make sure you have that speed switch in there!
Oh, yes, and to all those wondering about the presence of both the Set Blaster and Set Galaxy lines: they don't conflict. They can't conflict. They're environment variables. Environment variables are just strings of characters; on their own, they do nothing. Programs like WC2 or Priv simply know which variables to look for and what the parameters mean and use that to interact with the card.