WC:CD "Destroyer"

Yeah, armor in WC is measured in terms of how much durasteel it is equivalent to, and it is implied that isometal armor (used in WC3 and later eras) is something like 6-12 times as resistant for a given thickness as durasteel (notice how the durasteel armor upgrade in Privateer: Righteous Fire is worth 10 cm, while the isometal armor is worth a whopping 120 cm, making you as well-protected as a Thunderbolt). That means that a 2,500 cm equivalent layer would be only about two meters thick, keeping the hull thickness within the range of plausibility.
To be realistic..... However I'm sure that there are certain places on a ship that are weaker than others, Too bad in wing commander they can't really be exploited...For example...Lets say there's some sort of heavily armored area for a set of turrets to protect the turret mechanism let's say this is (500 cm) but not to far away from the turret there is a weaker spot where the armor is thin (350) cm...I mean all the WC games the number is more of an average, across one face... So instead of 500 cm it would be 425 cm.

Of coarse within the game your able to give individual stats to the bridge, engines, shield generator, turrets, hangers, I think that's it... Of coarse the model has to be made as a capship at that point...

Also,....During the "Arena" era, it would seem that Isometal & Plasteel are a commodity that is scarce. And Durasteel was abundant. As stated in S*S .

I know we all think reality but I guess I can take the stats down a lil, But in the game they would stay as is... Or else this thing would be a super easy kill.