Space Engineers Revisit Gemini Sector (October 1, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
SpiritPlumber has put together a good first cut at a Tarsus in the game Space Engineers. The craft depicted here is still in the relatively early stages of construction, but the basic spaceframe and cockpit have come together pretty well within the limitations of the engine. We've touched on this program before and how it allows players to build their own craft without traditional modeling experience. That sounds great to me - we benefit from having more pictures of WC ships! Quite a few fans have actually experimented with this over the years. In our archives you can also find the Intrepid, a Galaxy and the Tiger's Claw. It's particularly cool how well the interiors turn out!

A bit of love for the Tarsus in Space Engineers. this one is scaled so the interior is accurate. Unpainted because my eyes don't work well for that, but I did the insides.

Original update published on October 1, 2021