Problems? Post them here...

Ah, that. One of the characters on the losing path had to record the longest line in the universe ("No!"), and he decided to have a little fun with it, so I threw in the alternative version just for fun :).

Give it a try :). But please hold off with posting your findings (...even in spoiler tags) at least for a few days - give people a chance to find it and ask that same question.

And to think I thought that was an edit from my special voice over....from the day Quarto threatened to throw me out a I sent him a great file trying to be a certain Commodore. :p
I got that error with the stealth fighter email.
It occurs when your on the B path of episode 4 and you make it to sol (episode 5 A path) through that back door jump point.

I also have that jump and crash bug on Ep.5B mission 2. Now that is a truly game stopping bug as it crashes no matter what the graphical settings are.
Wait, so you did also see an email from Cougar, that second time? If you did, that would be an error. If you already got these emails in Episode 4, at this point you should only get an email from Intel.

Ok I checked again. The repeating mail was from Cougar.

I got the mail from Cougar in episode 4 losing path (mission 4 I think)

Subject: Re: Fwd: THAT thing

And at the very beggining in Episode 5 (winning path) I got a different mail from cougar where he more or less said the same things

Subject: Re: Fwd: Intel Addendum: Shok'lar Stealth Fighters

The main difference is that one says you get the info from Longshot and the other you get the info from Intel (I suppose from the same mail you receive from Intel at the beggining of episode 5).
so does anyone have any suggestions about my 2d error message :( . i cant even start standoff at all
No, we still know nothing about the cause of that one. I'm afraid it's likely to be something specific to your machine, though - we've been getting far, far too many bug reports from others, but you're the only one reporting this one.
Hey just wanted to say great job with episode 5. All the graphical improvements are great.

I am crashing on mission 2 with the crossbow to rescue the ejected pilots after the jump when it goes to switch to the cockpit view. I know i saw someone else with that problem too. Im just glad im not the only one.

Ive waited along time to finish standoff. I can wait a little more for patch. Keep up the good work!
Now I feel slightly embarrassed, but relieved.

During the years I'd forgotten that Standoff isn't stand-alone, but requires WC: Secret Ops (or rather, SO isn't installed at the same time). Whoops!

Funnily enough, I noticed that in the news article I hinted at to

Guess I got something back for spreading the word!
wow, im the only one reporting this bug. go super crappy realtek onboard sound
No that's a silly bug that slipped past Q. He forgot to put the count in the full series worked fine in the Ep5 we never noticed it until it was in the full game. It's been taking care of though.
Something is wrong with the rendering... all the ships are invisible... and I just updated my graphics drivers too! ATI Radeon HD 4550.

Edit: It seems the enhanced lighting is at fault... but my video card is REALLY recent... what gives?
Well, the ATI support for OpenGL was a bit lagging behind, but Alex has worked on a fix that should enable you owners of recent ATI video cards to use the shader effects (Enhanced Lighing and HDR). We're starting testing tonight and hopefully will issue an update very, very soon.
Also, in, uhhh, I think the third prologue mission (the patrol asteroid belts one?) apparently ALL the enemy ships in the mission spawn immediately upon launch!

Talk about an odd bug!
That's not a bug - you're jumping into another system and there's folks waiting for you on the other side of the jump point.
Well, there is an alternative version, where you jump in ahead of the Lionheart in one of the Gladii. I don't remember offhand what the conditions are to get this version, though.
UPDATE? UPDATE?!? I must have this update before I blow my brains out. I can't hold out much longer! Must.......have.......Wing.........Commander...........argh
Well, there is an alternative version, where you jump in ahead of the Lionheart in one of the Gladii. I don't remember offhand what the conditions are to get this version, though.

Ah, okay... so wasn't someone going to do a walkthrough with all the possible branching missions once ep 5 came out? Who was going to do that?