Problems? Post them here...

Well, I had to reinstall. It runs but only with the second-to-last patch. With the very latest patch, it crashes at startup.
You mean it works at 1.29, then it doesn't at 1.31 ?

Well, the launcher says that I'm at 1.26 actually. i played through the first 4 episodes alright and the first mission of the winning path of part 5. I'm going to restart now actually since I've already beaten the winning path and want to try the losing path of episode 5.
hi there,

first of all i wanted to give you people my full compliments for making this awesome game

my problem:

the game resolution is always 640*480, even if i choose 1024*768 in the launcher. any tips?

everything to the maximum, accept for the aseroids and the ships distances, they are still at default.

my system: win xp service pack 3, 2gbyte ram, geforce 8800 gt, intel core 2 duo

should be enough for standoff

and yes, i installed the latest nvidia drivers ( btw: i got bloom effects now :D)
Same problem with Ep 5 I think mentioned above: Game was crashing on landing after Hakaga mission. Landing videos look good, Jean tells me my ship is a wreck, then back to desktop with the Windows-program-was-killed dialog (you guys don't get those microsoft crash emails do you?).

Now it appears even worse: After successfully completing that mission, it didn't crash after landing! I ended up in the hanger with the crowd. Clicking on the crowd though threw me back to the desktop. Now when I try to open Standoff, I immediately get the "standoff.exe has encountered a problem..." message.

Someone was saying saved games on final mission might be busted? Might be the issue I'm running into here then.

I can send the stack dump if you'd like. I don't know if that would help (it's a bit large to copy and paste here).

Standoff 1.3.1
WinXP Sp3 media center 2002
Pentium 4 2.8ghz
Intel 915G graphics
I had some problems with the game not starting up after it crashed. I set it to Windows '98 compatability mode and that seemed to work. Hope that helps.

In case you don't know how to set that, just right click on the Standoff icon, go to properties, click on the compatability mode.
Another thing that causes Standoff to not start is that it is often running invisibly in the background after a game ends and you exit to the desktop. You can pull up the task manager by pressing control-alt-delete, then click on the processes tab. You might see standoff.exe running. Click on standoff.exe and click end process. After you do this, it will either start Standoff right away if you had already attempted to start it, or else you will be able to start Standoff manually.
I had the problem with crashing final scene. When in the hangar by clicking "talk to everyone". After 2-3 hours of trial and error I finally found the solution. I had to do both :
1. change the "Extension limit" in the NVidia Control Panel to "On"
2. while on flight deck open the options menu and change the difficulty level to something else then click "save".

and then it finally worked :)
"First Encounters" is so broken.

I have easily at least a dozen Rapiers. Why is my wing flying Stilettos? This makes the mission just far too frustrating.
"First Encounters" is so broken.

I have easily at least a dozen Rapiers. Why is my wing flying Stilettos? This makes the mission just far too frustrating.
Officially, because you need the extra speed more than you need the fighting power. Unofficially - because we wanted to give you one last farewell mission in the Stiletto. Sorry :).
Very minor bug: in "Too Much Company", the Landreich fighters have two Sierra 4s and three Tango 4s. I'm guessing that somebody forgot to rename the fighters after copypasting to get six of them?

A bigger problem with the same mission: Freyers' warning about running torpedoes can get buried in the comms queue until after the Firekka has been destroyed. This is hilarious, but not exactly helpful.
I had to go to Rookie to beat it. I felt like a failure. :<

It doesn't have to be frustrating. There is a trick to beating, well, at least the first half of it. (The second half you're on your just have to be a damn fine flyer).

I won't give it away completely, but I'll give a hint...he is wise who knows when to fight, and when to scare a superior opponent into running away.
After re-re-rebuilding my fav game machine and compromising with what's up on the market and will work with my HOTAS(non-USB) setup, i played it with software rendering.

After upgrading the system(AGP) with an optimized, flashed and overclocked card, while all graphics are completely smooth, they tend to run slower(a lot), regardless of display resolution.

System specs:
HP EVO-system based on MSI motherboard, Pentium4 HT 3.2Ghz, 2.5 GB ram, Soundblaster live platinum, Radeon 9600PRO AGP8x card running at 98000 freq. windows XP pro. Omega drivers are current. All other games run fine, and there are no artifacts. Setup is dated but runs like a dream otherwise! And it's my Wing commander setup!