Original Wing Commander Artist Here.

I really like the stark simplicity of this one. Decided to go with no shine on the hair, and adding her name as an element seems to give it a touch of class.

This was won by patron Raphaël Walz!

That style makes me picture an entire 3rd Edition GURPS Wing Commander sourcebook, right down to the rough paper, comprehensive index and spine that cracks in half the third time you open it. (Yes, I know about the Wing Commander RPG, but for me there's something special about the formatting of 3rd Edition GURPS - like THAC0 for older-school D&D players.)

I see you drew a lot for Steve Jackson Games. Is there a way to identify which artwork in GURPS Lensman is yours - is it anything without Dan Smith's "SMIF" signature?
Aw man, have't checked this forum since ages and this is the first thing I see.

Let me just quickly praise your work for Wing Commander. My first experience with it was actually the - very low color and heavily dithered - Amiga version, which still amazed me back then. Especially the very "3D" looking asteroids. Only a couple of years later I experienced your original works with the 256 color CD³² version of Wing Commander. It was a blast to play.

Thanks so much for all these memories. :D
Wow. It's great to see you posting here Denis! Love all the work you've done.. Also, thanks for your time and effort on the Non-Prophets - you guys are awesome.
elend: Thanks tof the kind words, and for helping make the game a success! I've been lucky in my career to be involved in several games that can be described as HITS. The Ultima and Wing Commander games of course, but also Ogre, GEV, and Car Wars before them! I also got to work on Wizard 101 and Pirates 101 as a contractor. So I've been very, very lucky! :cool:
Manboy: I hope you found this immense thread entertaining! The fans here are awesome, and they have deconstructed WC to an unbelievable degree! I got to see images and numbers I never thought I would get to see again. They've been correcting my memories of events right and left!
And you seem to have noticed my Other Life! Yes! The Non-Prophets is my non-gaming podcast. ;)

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I just opened a storefront at Shapeways, a 3D printing service. There are some ankhs and virtue pendants in the store right now, but I was wondering what things I could print for the Wing Commander contingent? Medals? Symbols?
Let me know if you have any ideas.
I can model and print the medals, but I can't do the ribbons. What do you guys think the ribbon is attached to on the back of the medals? A loop either vertical or horizontal?

The heart and wings thingy above the ribbons would be good to model, but why a heart?

I imagine the lapel pins are all metal, so they could be printed too.

The problem is that for pins, the end users have to stick pin clasps on the back of the models with a hot-glue gun or something. I can't print those moving parts.

What do you think? Is it worth it?

I’m sure we have some veterans who can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe military ribbons (and medals) don’t have their own pins… they attach to separate universal holders. In the case of the ribbons you get a sort of grid they attach to together: http://www.usamilitarymedals.com/collections/ribbon-and-medal-mounts/ (I don’t know that there’s a stock 4x3 grid out there, though… it looks like real military uniforms go three across and not four.)

I would absolutely pick up a 3D printed version of the ‘heart wings,’ even if they do look like you’re a pilot for Southwest Airlines. The other Wing Commander I uniform bits would be great, too: the upturned stars on the collar, the nametag… even the uniform button. (I believe the rank insignia are all just real US Army pins.)

Another great 3D printed Wing Commander thing would be the various rank insignias and the ‘collar triangles’ from Wing Commander III. They’re just geometric shapes with pin backs, but to the best of my knowledge no one has reproduced them yet! You can see some of them on sad Chris Roberts here: https://cdn.wcnews.com/newestshots/full/gingergroup.jpg (The simple geometric ‘wings’ from WC3 would be cool also. I can probably get some better shots if you’re interested!)

Guides I did to ranks and medals in WC years ago, in case they help:



(Slightly related note: Wing Commander I turns 25 in one week! I'm doing a live commentary/playthrough on the CIG Twitch... if you had a heart wing or something for sale then, I'd be happy to plug it. Or if you're interested in a live interview you'd be welcome to come on!)
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Great resources there, Bandit LOAF! :) I can definitely work with this. If anyone wants me to do these, they're unfortunately going to have to invest in some pin backs and a hot glue gun. :rolleyes:

On the related note, I'd be honored to participate with an interview or something.:cool: I could conceivably have something on the Shapeways storefront by then, but don't count on it! ;)

My god, it IS the Southwest Airlines pilot pin! :eek: (Facepalm)

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I loved that interview! I really hope they get a chance to have you back during the wing commander 2 anniversary livestream :D soo much awesome kilrathi :D