Original Wing Commander Artist Here.

Couple more:
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Thanks you guys! That's exactly what I needed! :)

(And I can't figure out why I couldn't include an inline image in my post. Are images in dropbox not linkable?)

It's possible Dropbox does something screwy with hot links. If the files aren't huge, uploading direct like you did works though.
Since I can't apparently upload an inline image, I'll just have to provide a link instead. :(


This is a detail image of my Wing Commander themed Christmas card that I'll be sending to all my Patrons.

Don't worry if you're not a patron, I'll post the full card in January. (But there's no harm in becoming a patron! You'll get an actual card all signed and numbered and stuff.)

You can back me for as little as a dollar, and cap your backing at a dollar a month, and get all my Patreon content at that backing level plus the card! :) There are, unfortunately, some months where I don't post a funded piece of art -- and so you don't have to pay that month -- but I usually post some free content to keep you occupied. (Old sketches and stuff.)

There's no reason to break anyone's budget. :D

I love it!

Thanks man! :)

I always love me some well designed anthropomorphic characters. I really liked the art style of Zootopia, and have played in a fantasy anthro RPG as a Musk Ox character. Using cartoons, or animals, or both, tends to get right at the nature and essence of the character. It's like a shorthand. You see a lion character and you know he's in charge. It's like character classes in RPGs: everyone knows what the fighter and wizard do and so it's easy and comfortable to slip into those roles.

I know this is a few years old, but this is VERY cool! Very creative idea of having Hobbes get a yarn ball for Christmas. That's fighter pilot humor: to tease a fellow pilot like that. Few things could get you in more of a Christmas mood than a Kilrathi opening a Christmas present.