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Those Rapier models are absolutely gorgeous.

Question... I know the F-44A is the version we fly in Wing Commander I, and the F-44G is what flies off the Concordia in WC2 (and that we fly in Standoff?). Where are the F-44C and F-44E from?
There are several new variants introduced in the novels, particularly End Run, Fleet Action and False Colors, plus the F-44X in Wing Commander Arena.
So, my Headcannon goes like this:

YF-44 - prototype
F-44A - WC1
F-44B (two seater)

F-44C - improved engines and fins: I really liked the 4 wing mounted gun look for the Rapier and I decided to incorporate that into the C model, since it’s mentioned explicitly in End Run. I imagine with the the improved engines/fins of the C model, the engineers wanted to run their gun power couplings all in the wings for simplicity.

feedback from pilots used to the laser cannons closer to the centerline restored that location in the G going forward.

F-44D - two seat F-44C

F-44E - Larger fuel tanks, nose ramscoop for increased fuel efficiency for longer distance patrol work and strike. Added weapon hard points. Heavier and less nimble.

The E model incorporates the intake-style nose as a homage to my earlier Rapier designs (I just think it’s neat) and I wanted a way to get it into my head cannon without disrupting official cannon too much

F-44F - Two seat strike fighter variant of the E

F-44G - WC2, retains added hard points and improvements from EF but retains lighter build of the C model, and includes extra engines for increased performance

F-44H onward - gradual improvements & redesign work to keep the space frame relevant (edging closer and closer to the ‘Super Wing Commander’ rapier design and culminating in the F-44 blade, etc seen in WC Arena.

And yes, I DO stay up nights thinking about this! :D
I daresay this is the most epic shower curtain I have ever owned! :)


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I wish Defiance or klavs could look at Quake 2 Remastered Strogg and Human Ships and see if its possible to remake them, the guy who made the models for the new cinematics cant release them as resource