Need creative suggestions

gevatter Lars said:
Thats true...still fitting in 40 tubes will be hard without some bigger changes. Well I have to come up with something about that I guess.

I also got a question...from the movie diagramms it seams that the 40 tubes aer just in the front position. The other side tubes we see in the movie are missile least to according to the diagram. Are these missilelunchers mentioned somewhere also or just in that diagram?
It would help me to know if I can count these side tubes as extra missiles or if I can include their numbers into the 40 tubes for torpedos.

You can probably include those as part of the 40 torpedo tubes. WC Movie Novel page 219 uses them interchangeably in this specific instance.

"Mr. Gerald." Taggart said, "Prepare to lower our shield. Starboard missile battery prepare to fire."

In the Secondary Ordinance room, Spaceman Ashley Galaway rushed down her line or torpedoes, typing in arming codes on each missile's control panel.

gevatter Lars said:
Also are their any other reference material (prefereable pictres of the hangar and hull details) in the book where the moive claw diagrams are comming from?

There's regular fore, top and side pictures as well as a side silhouette.
Good that way it will be much easier to do.

I only found the top and sideview in the forum so would it be possible to see the other views as well?
Just a very little update.
I have changed to windows position to a more uniform layout, changed the shape of the structure next to the windows and added some forward manouvering thrusters.

and close up
Not bad, not bad at all. The "wings" look a bit odd, mesh-wise ... you might want to work on that so it looks smoother.
What wings do you mean? If its the things that around the engine they are riffled with the lightning they could look a little odd I guess.
Did the Bengal class had any know AA defance or anti-Torpedo equipment like they where mentioned for other ships in the novels?
I think it was mentioned that capships had small massdriver turrets for shortrange defance and some kind of missile type defance against torpedos...can't remember it so clearly.
So if it had...what type of AA defance would it have?

I have also gone back to photoshop about the armor plating thing and came up with another idea.
Instead of doing the entire palting by modeling it will be more a 50/50 thing. Their will be some big armor platings that are made with geometry. Then their will be a texture for the smaller parts.
In this image I have just added the geometry addings with photoshop. Also I have given it a small launcher for shafts/missiles that I remeber from some novel...or at least I had imagend that they could be placed like that.
I have also added some structures like the one I allready had on the inside of the runway.

Tell me what you think about it.
I really like your maneuvering thrusters and I dont know if you are planning an animation with this model but I think those thrusters should be covered by protective doors so they are not vulnerable to attacks! (I think in a warship as much machinery as possible should stay inside of a ship)

So if those thrusters are needed for thight turns, the protective doors would open and the thrusters would fire up! (I hope you get the idea, would be a good animation I guess^^)

As for the armor plating, yes I think you are quite right with the idea, that not all areas are covered with armor plating! Present tanks also only have heavy armor where they are likley to be hit. (front) Since the bengals are meant as strike carriers (should be relativly fast) and are already carrying a lot of armament, it seems logically that they would spare as much armor as possible to make the mass of the ship smaller. So only those areas get heavy armor plating which are either very vulnerable or very likly to be hit in combat or both! To find out those areas, just take a front/left/right/top/bottom look at your model. Which areas would you attack if you are an evil Kil? Which are not so likely to hit? What are the sensitive areas of the ship? Would it matter if the front ,lets say 20 m of the runway, is blasted away? Where is the power plant of the Ship? Is it well protected with armor plating? and so forth....

According to this, I think your windows - though really beautiful - are rather exposed to attacks! Maybe those two pillars which are seperating the area in three, should also be some sort of blinds which could be closed in case of emergency.

So those areas which arent covered with armor plating should possibly remain rather smooth (well, I know it wouldnt look very detailed but I imagine the welding technologie of the future is rather advanced so you dont see welding seams!)

Finally one little question concerning the turrets. (which are placeholders I presume) I really liked the ball shape turrets of the WC1 Tigers Claw! So, do you plan to incoperate them or are you planning to make the possibly much more detailed - but rather ugly imho - box-turrets?
Covering the thrusters:
While it would seam good to cover them to prevent damage it gives the problem that in a battle you most likely don't know when you have to make a quick turn. The doors would have to move quickly to open the thrusters what would mean that you would have to use a good lifting equipment or have light armor for protection. Also likely to happen in battle is that the blastdoors will be jammed by a hit so that you won't be able to turn anymore.
Thats why I put them a little bit inside the hull so that only a direct attack from the side can harm them. Also we have a turret right next to the thrusters that could provide some firing cover if the enemy seams to target the thrusters. I think that is a good compromise.

Armor plating:
The ship will have armorplating all over the hull, because in space you can be easly attacked from all directiongs but you got my idea right that I wanted to reinforce some special parts. The idea came when I looked at the movie version where we see 3 platings at the top of the runway. I have just taken them over to this design but without the possibility to be moved to cover the runway.


Windows have allways been a problem on a warship I agree. I haven't thought to much about it at the moment and I think I get what you mean but still I would like to have a visual example for it, because I still have a little problem to get it right.
So if you could make a picture of how the thing would look closed it would be great.

The turrets are palceholder thats correct. I will use a more boxlike turret version instead of the bubble version. Never realy liked the bubbles and I think that the boxversion would give the ship a little bit more a WWII feeling.
Those are very good looking thrusters. The detail you’ve putted on them is awesome. I also agree that is better to position them in a difficult access area instead of covering. The protective covers would decrease its reaction time in an emergency situation.

As for the windows. I’ve always liked windows in spaceships. I know it’s not a safe option but gives it a better look. :) So my advice is that you consider some kind of protective doors that work from the inside instead of the outside (I hope you get my meaning). Like that the outside look of the ship would be unchangeable.
Mh a covering from the inside. Maybe you could have the armor inside the floor or top of a room that covers the windows from the inside when comming into a dangerous situation.
Main problem with both solutions would be where to pace these plates when not used. You still need some room for them. Also these plates would only be able to stop fighterguns and smaller missiles but not torpedos as they would most likely rip appart entire sections of a ship.

The outside cover idea reminds me of Startrek Voyager when Gangway came back from the future with this special shuttle that could be covered with thist strange armor. Looks nice but isn't usable in WC since WC hasn't developed such an armor.
Using an outside plating it would have to be visible where you store these plates, since they would take quite some space and you would need a mechanism to move them.
I think the inside covering is an idea that has the best potential in this case.
I don’t know if you agree with this but for now lets consider that the armour plating around the windows doesn’t need to be reinforced. This way only the window itself needs extra protection. Now imagine that between the armour plating and the room’s “walls” there is an empty space. If this is the case then the window’s plates could be there when they’re not in use, and as the window itself has a small area the plate should be small enough to feet there. Of course that from the passengers’ point of view it would seem to them that the walls were very large. But that doesn’t seem to be a problem, at least to me.
I will come back to that later.
For now I have something else I have done....just quote myself.

gevatter Lars said:
Another thing. I have started a missile based anti-torpedo system when I saw that Loaf didn't had any such system in his weapon list for the ship. So I came up with two sulotions for the stuff I allready made.

First is some kind of a escape pod launcher or some shafts for maintaince workers.
(This concept isn't finished)


The other idea was of using the space to put in an AA defence turret with lasers.
I would like to change the lasers to maybe something similar to a stormfire-massdriver system. I think that would be possible since we don't see any differance between the Laserfire of the turrets and the massdriver fire from the Scimitar in the Series. Also it would look just better.
Here is the current AA laser turret.


Question is do we have somewhere in WCATV a turret at this position or should it just stay there or is it better to use the other option?
I like bought solutions. Wouldn’t it be possible to implement bought situations? For example, the gun would remain in the same place you’ve putted it and the escape pods (or maintenance shafts) would be placed in one (or two) of the spots marked in red at the picture.


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I thik if I would keep the escape pods stuff I would place them at the back near the windows since its closer the the mainpart of the ship and most personal would be their when they are under attack. Still the forward position would be a good place for some maintenance at the front.

I have also started at putting in the armor platings and gave the runway some lights.
psych said:
I also went to college in Austin, Texas.


I also went to college in Austin, Texas. I don't think there is any need for improvement for your Tiger's Claw model. Great model, even though I am not crazy about it. :cool: :D
gevatter Lars said:
I thik if I would keep the escape pods stuff I would place them at the back near the windows since its closer the the mainpart of the ship and most personal would be their when they are under attack. Still the forward position would be a good place for some maintenance at the front.

I have also started at putting in the armor platings and gave the runway some lights.
Lookin good so far.
Looks good so far. Looking at it makes me wish that the final result became more like a high detail Tiger’s Claw from the game rather your game/movie adaptation. :)
I finaly found some time to work on the model again and so I added the torpedo tubes at the front. I have set a torpedo to a length of about 4,5m and 0,2m radius.
Taking that size I could place 8 tubes at each side what makes 16 tubes in the front arc. The rest of the 40 tubes will be placed the sides of the ship about the placement as in the movie.

The lauchners are normaly protected by blastdoors. The pic shows the "open fire" position.
Right in front of the torpedos is a little window and airlockdoor and some maintance doors for quicker access to the tubes and thrusters if repairs are needed.