Kilrathi ship design theory, compared to Terran design theory.

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The plane that did wild weasel missons was not the F16 or the F/A 18!

It was the F4's (the later models)that did the job and still flying today.

wild weasel misson was where they hunt and destroy radar that control sam sites.
Dark, I am assuming that you mean wild weasel missions during the Desert Storm, so I won't have to correct you all the way. Yes, during the gulf War over 95% of all SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses) Missions, Wild Weasel, were carried out by the F-4G and A-6E, with some limited assistance by A-10s and F-16s. However, with the retirement of all F-4s from US service, except those used as gunnery drones, and all all A-6's except the ECM variant, the EA-6B, the SEAD role has been handed over to the F-16 and F/A-18. EA-6Bs also to a limited extent carry out the SEAD mission, but to a very limited extent. Just so you know, very few air forces still use the F-4, mostly poorer nations, however Germany and the Uk do still fly the bird, but mostly in the attack or interception role, not as SEAD birds, instead they use Tornade ECRs for the SEAD mission. Hope this clears up any confusion for you all out there.
BTW, the first fixed wing aircraft to fire in anger during the gulf war were F-4Gs and A-6Es, Apaches actually got off the first shot. Infact the only reason that the F-117 was rarely if ever picked up on Iraqi radar was becuase the F-4s and A-6s destroyed almost all the radar sites between the F-117s base in Saudi and Baghdad, making any remaining radar site operators afraid to even turn their radars on.
Just to follow-up Knight's post....

F/A-18's did indeed carry out some SEAD duties during Desert Storm, as did a very few F-16 Falcons. They typically used AGM-88 HARM missiles and cluster bombs (usually Mk.20 Rockeye variants) for the task. A-10's used only the latter, as they are not outfitted to mount and fire the HARM.

With the retirement of the A-6E Intruder, EA-6B Prowlers now typically carry one or two HARMs as a normal part of their loadout, along with drop tanks and jamming pods. What they can't jam, they destroy. :)

Oh, and the Apaches that fired first in Desert Storm were in fact carrying out SEAD duties -- they used rocket pods to take out radar sites along the planned ingress points of the coming air strikes.