Kilrathi ship design theory, compared to Terran design theory.

"It is possible to have an aesymmetrical design that still has aesthetic balance," Anon. confed ships are, for the main, symmetrical and achieve aesthetic balance through this. the kilrathi ships on the other hand are not symetrical, this often makes for a more interesting design, but can make aesthetic balance hard to achieve, aesthetics can take a back seat to functionality during pressure situations such as war time though, for example, look at the Apache gunship, its ugly, but purely functional,
Though it should be kept in mind that aesthetics is dependent on evolution and cluture, as both determine our perception of objects. What would be aesthetic to us wouldn't neccesarily be so to the Kilrathi, and vice versa.

Best, Raptor
I noted that the Nephilim are symmetrical for the most part - I think only the Orca destroyer is asymmetrical, but I think that several Nephilim capships are based on a seven-point design. Most prominent in the Orca, Hydra, and Tiamat, IMO.
I actually enjoyed most of the Kilrathi ship designs, which is weird 'cause I really like things to be symmetrical.
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