i´m new ; question to secret ops

Quarto said:
I can't remember if there actually was German speech. But if there was, then you'll find it at www.secretops.com just like the rest of the game. If when you click on "Deutsch" you end up downloading the English speech, then I guess that means there is no German speech.

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The episodic Internet release of Wing Commander Secret Ops
has come to an end. We would like to thank everyone for their participation and support during this unprecedented event.

The playable missions are no longer available for download,however we realize that many of you are still playing the game. For that reason we are extending the availability of
the game fiction on the Secret Ops site for your continued enjoyment.

that´s standing on the secretops site and now i ask you "did you now anyone who has the speech files (only the speech files)or wher can i get they??????"
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We know that's what's on the SO site, but you can still download speech.

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