Happy Birthday!

Yeah, at the time he was hospitalized because of a breakdown so he couldnt have gotten anywhere near the Dralthi. Do to killing a Confed 'sport by accident with his missile. Of course we've seen Maniac do a manual landing in the movie.
The breakdown was because of the pressure of the secret mission... (it happened in Secret Missions 1). He destroyed the sport in WC1, and seemed okay about it (he was grounded).

(Actually, it's a bit of a misnomer that he destroyed the Drayman... he crippled it accidentally, and the Kilrathi destroyed it soon afterwards because of that).
Fortunately the 'sport that Maniac destroyed wasn't a vital one, like the ones that Blair seemed to end up escorting... lose the 'sport, lose the war kinda situations :)

"All men were created equal." Some are more equal than others.

In the same sense, some transports are more vital than others.

But I know what you mean. Especially when it's your life.
Fourteen people were on the transport... and it was *probably* carrying supplies, since it was heading *to* the Tiger's Claw...
Hi everyone. I'm sure everyone missed me while I was gone. I'm sorry to say I missed the CIC birthday last week due not only to a widepower outage but my house suffered a triple phone failure due to a massive power surge:

A.) The Anti-Radio Interference Box in the basement thats about the size of my fist but looks like it's from WWII

B.) Exterior phone lines were mauled by something that certainly doesn't look like a tree branch. I'm thinking angry tree gnomes.

C.) the aforementioned power surge took out:
1.) A cordless phone
2.) A Surge Protector
3.) My Modem

Of course, the last one prevented me from logging on-line. I'm a little PO'd I missed everything, esp after coming home from a long nite of work and finding the $&%&ing phone jack still in the wall during a horendously bad storm, even though I told my mother to unplug it. BAH!

Anyway, I have returned.
Sorry, I couldn't make the birthday either. Had a major health crisis in the family and haven't had much time to get online recently. Everything is pretty much back to normal now, YAY!

So, anyone save me any cake?:D