My callsign came from the WC books End Run and Fleet Action. Kevin Tolwyn's callsign was Lonewolf. I liked it, so put it in all the games i played.

My first callsign was Hellfire (I made it up before the Diablo expansion) I was prompted for a User ID in the login screen in WC4. I spent some time thinking of a menacing name. I was about to give up and type the name 'Silverhawk' (from some old cartoon i'd watch as a kid) when the book 'Hell's Angel's' caught my eye in my bookshelf. Next to it was 'Farinheit 451' My mind made the connection 'Hell'-'Fire', and thus my old callsign.
My name here doesn't have a neat story behind it. But I went by Dralthi4 at AGWC, because that's the name of the Kilrathi fighter in Wing 3, but when I got an AOL email address, Dralthi4 was taken, so I jacked the number up one to become Dralthi5. It has a strange ring to it, I think.

A gun rack? I don't own a gun, let alone many guns to neccessitate an entire rack.
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My current handle was from as most of you know, the rookie Catscratch, who on one mission,left him out to die,I felt like crap and have been using it ever since in a sort of honorary manner.Back to the first first WC I used the handle J.C. which is short for James Cody, as in Steets of Fire James Cody, which actually are my middle and first names in that order(cody james ??????).My friends also said I always acted a bit like him.
All I have to say to you now is...

"James Cody, pleased to meet ya!"

Ultimately its other people's reactions that make us who we are.

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Tailburn= I use the afterburner a lot, and when I'm not, my tails usually on fire from getting shot anyway. pretty simple, but I like it.

"He has warrior spirit. It will be the death of him." Prince Thrakhath - End Run