FB-202 "Ghoul" Long Range Fighter/Bomber


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Damn Howard. You knocked that interior up quickly! Looks great! :)

I know you're probably done with the whole thing now but I had a couple of suggestions regarding the take-off sequence -

Those poor plebs on the flight deck are going to have to polish all those grooves out of the tarmac where she skids along on her landing gear. I'd suggest having the Ghoul hover on take off, retract her landing gear and then punch the afterburners and fly out. This also would have the advantage of allowing us to better see the work you put into the retraction of the landing gear.

You could have some fun with the hovering if you wanted to bother - Have her sway a little as first one and then both rear landing gear come off the ground etc...


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It keeps looking more and more amazing!

Very nice Howard, it's now my new desktop picture! I was surprised you went Confed with it, to me it looked like a successor to the Border Worlds Banshee fighter from WCIV.

The thing about that is up until the point in WC4 where the UBW declares independence, virtually all fighters in the game are Confed fighters. The militias and various entities that eventually make up the Union of Border Worlds just happen to have them. It's very possible and probable that they were not designed and built in the border worlds area. The BW also have Rapiers and Ferrets and other things, and it's likewise natural that the successors to those fighters were also built by Confed.


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Howard, you make me jealous. All your models are some of the best ive ever seen. Also this video is sweet beyond all comprehension. keep up the good work
very impressive, have you ever thought to post your work on cgtalk? Your work is getting good enough to show on their forums I think. Albeit your end product isn't going to be a high poly art model but a baked to texture for a lower poly model. Still what you've done is pretty damn good.

My only critic on the movie is the landing gear skids look a little un-natural. I'd expect either some initial vertical lift before the horizontal motion so they don't drag on the deck or to see a bunch of sparks flying behind them (don't think the deck mechanic would appreciate the scratches tho)

Again, very impressive.