Facelifting PGG


I was thinking here, has someone ever tried to pick PGG from where it ended since the SRC is still up and updated it to modern standards, like HD resolution, fixed cutcenes, animations and even give to the ships new meshes?

the remake still holds well but facelifting update would be nice
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Well, it was more of a sibling project with Privateer Remake, see the list of fan made projects here: https://www.wcnews.com/fanprojects/

However, considering the number of features, my money is on PGG. Animations will need 2D animators (although I'd like to see what could be done with some of the scenes redone more cinematically machinima style via MMD or Blender, redone with more realistic 3D models available nowadays for Grayson, Tayla, Lynch, bar men/women and the other NPC denizens of Gemini sector instead of talking heads).

New meshes would be nice, I'd like to see some sort of of online repository for assets that allows configure whatever models are available for upload (and rating them), provided they meet a minimum standard. I think the transition animations for landing/takeoff would be a great starting point.

However, I'm just a developer (not of PGG), but I can already see some more basic functionality that needs to be improved that might contribute the overall experience:
1. Aligning the keyboard hotkeys while on base to what's in the official game (you can't even quit without going into spaceflight).
2. Selection/detection of axis controls. (Support for throttle out of the box is there, but nothing for pedals nor customizing controls.)
3. Reformatting the text on the MFDs.
4. Properly implementing the economy in the commodity exchange.
5. Fixing sound bugs with voices cutting out.
6. Improving the AI (there's a good deal of informative things in the playtester's guide, this is what I'm thinking would help make it more fun, and that guide does more for other areas of the game)
7. Transitioning the repository over to GitHub/GitLab would make development easier and more trackable. Git is so much better for opening feature branches alongside a JIRA system for tickets.
I love PGG dearly; even tried my hand at replacing the static heads with animated ones at one stage. Didn't get very far though. Interestingly enough, many of the visual assets and fx (cockpits, jump points, explosions etc) are kept in the game folder and can very easily be edited or replaced entirely.