Connect With Dallas (March 9, 2007)


Someone has a new music video for us after a long hiatus. This time AD went to work on the high quality Prophecy DVD movies. I'll let him describe his latest creation:

Using the footage from the DVD quality video packs for Prophecy, I decided to explore the fears and anxiety associated with war. Framing the music video with Dallas' reactions, I've attempted to express visually his thoughts by cutting scenes of action and violence between. The video starts with the audio from Dallas' own funeral and is followed up with the song Dead, performed by My Chemical Romance. I feel the song suitably meets the needs of the visuals and its fast pace mimics the adrenaline associated with the anxiety faced by Dallas while lyricly punctuating the irony of his worry about death when inevitably that is his fate in the game. While admittedly the harder nature of the song may not be everyone's taste, I hope you will all enjoy the effort.

Download the file here (37 megs). You can find more music videos in the Holovids section.

Original update published on March 9, 2007
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gevatter Lars

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While I the music isn't my favorite kind the video itsself is very well done. Good selection of scenes. They are very well fitting to the text of the music.
Hope we will see more vids.


This is on the other hand my kind of music :) Seems inappropriate for the subject matter at first, but it works.

Good job AD, I always love these little music vids. I don't have time to return to the old games these days but these videos serve as little to reminders as to just how good the good times were.


It's also ironic how Dallas worried so much about dying and about the time he stopped worrying he died. Anyways I'll check that out later and see what I think about it.


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Thanks for the comments guys. The tone was definitely something I toyed with for a bit. Originally I was thinking of the song Heaven Sent, by Esthero but once I got the footage together the sound and mood of it along with some of prophecy's opening footage was great but it wasn't really wrapping my head around what to do with the rest of the song. And when I added the funeral audio, I realized it needed something else. I kind of liked the contrast between it and the song I ended up using. I was a little worried it might throw people off a bit too much.

It was pretty much going to be about dallas from the start though, and it was a strugle to find enough clips to highlight his reactions but I think it worked out in the end