comments to "Privateer - das Erwachen"

...guess what - I got my ISBN for the second novel! Yes!

Well, kets just hope that my printstore don't let me down and we bring this "brainchild" to an end...

Btw - if you're interessed in the novel "Stille" (or silence) and you want to know what happens to Deacan, Venice, Manley and the rest of the Tri-System - let me know.

The printed version goes for around 16 Euro (if nothing strange happens), so its once again a "zero-profit-project".

Details will follow soon!


PS: max. 40 books (more I can't pay and order) and perhaps a small number (4 - 8, it's a "bonus" for my trust in and the work with the team of the printstore) of the first novel "Sturm" will be made in total...
I will finally have some cash next week - can I still order these books?

No problem, dear LOAF - my wife is once again up to do the work behind the novel, what means she collects the preorders, makes the mailcontacts and so on...

As I told you, details will come soon!


I've set the release for the 2. book from the "Erwachen" - series to the 22. january 2008.

The reason is simple, if I did the release this year, I have to pay for the entry of the VLB (Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher, german books in print) twice, for the rest of 2007 und for the new year 2008!

I hope you understand this, it's a major difference if you have to pay "only" 60 € from 2008 or another 50 € for the few days of december this year...

Preorders can be made from the middle of next week, if you don't want to wait for amazon...

Btw - if you are not from germany (or the EU) - no problem at all! We will find a way for you to!

Details next week.

Time for preorders...

If you like to get a printed copy of the 2. novel from the "Erwachen" - series of books, here is the way to do so:

Send a mail to

Once again my wife collects the data. Please make the following infos:

- your (real) name
- a fully functional mailadress (!)
- your town/land or state

The release is set in january, we just want to see how many copys we need to go for this novel at all.

If you want more then one copy, please let us know!
We can not yet tell you how much the print will cost, our goal is anything under 16 € per book...

Stay tuned. More soon!

How long will you be accepting preorders? Are they still available? Is it just Book 2 that's available right now?
*short info*

My work so far:

- I order a first set of 44 books of novel II of the "Erwachen" (awakening) - series (Stille - Silence, or the red one!)
- at least 40 book are for sale (this is the minimum to keep the price per book on a low level, less books will increase the costs for production)
-release date is on (or around) the 22.01.2008
- until now only 2 books are on my preorder list, one goes to Baktosh and one to Priest and so...

... you have still time. To tell you the truth: Novel I (Sturm - Storm) was first released in october 2006, the last book of the total set of 40 books was sold in february 2007. My own copy went away in late august 2007 when a friend from austria visit me here in my town and I don't want him to leave with empty hands...

If more than 40 people make an order I need to go on with further talks with my printstore - since I have to pay them prior the print at all.
As you see, it would be very, very, very helpful if I know just how many copy I needed in total...
Last date for any changes of my order: 20.01.2008 !

The re-release of novel I of the "Erwachen" - series (the blue book) will come on the end of february/early march this year.


I get my hands on my (loose) paperversion of novel II (Stille - silence) on friday, 25.01.2008, for last controlls of layout and quality! So printing can start the same day, if I agree with the work of the printstore (and in the past, they make great work!)...

So it's only a week to go until the books see the "birthlight".. ;)


PS: to all you send in mails: you get an answer on the next days - and dear ChrisReid: yes, PAYPAL will be an option.
PS II: don't worry, there are still books available.

All infos aboud payment etc. come soon!
*short update*

I don't leave my bed for next few days - I've got a nice Influenza with all of its lovely parts: fever, pain in my head, cough without a moment of silence or time for a deep breath...

However, my wife will get my "test- and-last-controll-version" of novel II on monday. I will try to keep an eye on this material and I hope that I can start the printer of the copyshop (or printhouse...) within the next days, so that we can start to send some mails around the globe.

Yes - around the globe! At least this time...


PS: does anyone written down the number of that bus full of virus, who just hit me?

The "window" for the printing time of the second novel is now clear: my printshop informed me - they start on tuesday, 19. february!!! with the first 12 books (they will be printed during a productionsbreak), two days later they try to managed to bring the rest on the run!

What does this means to you:

If you already ask for a copy (via mail), you will get during the next week detailed information about the price, ways for an order ( Amazon is again with us), way for payment (PayPal and banking)...

We also talked about the first book and they agreed with us, that any print of that book needs to have a fair price - we do not want to sell the first book for a higher price than we did before!


Facts so far:

size: 580 pages (!), book I only had 530 pages
format: nearly 21 x 14cm, full color cover, logo and letters are printed with a bit of "depth"

book III is in works (95 pages are written right now), the all ending novel IV is ready as basic script!

A "sidekick" person inside novel II (a woman called "Sylvie") has grown to a complete "story", so it seems to be possible that at least 2 (!) novel could follow: "Bloodlines", they will tell you about a differnd point of view inside the tri-system - how does a pirate live here...
I am not sure if these work will ever shown up as book, but well, who knows? A basic script is ready... several persons from the Awakening-books will apear as guests...


Price is clear: 16 € !!!

The calculation is very close... the novel increased by over 50 pages (nearly 10 %)!

Just as short info burst.


I already ordered the Book from Amazon.
I enjoyed very much reading the first one

Ciao Hans

Thanks, I'm glad to hear that...

Btw - it would be very helpful, if the readers could write a short meassage about that book - who do you like it, what could be done better in the 3. part, witch person do you like most, how could get more background etc.pp...

-back on the desk-

PS: our privateer and awakening wiki will move on a new base, thanks goes to priest to do that!

Dear com, dear english speaking people!

You can win one book of the "Erwachen-series" (Part II, Stille)! Yes, I will give one away for "free" - just a little request: wrote about a "test fly" in a ship (or differnd stuff) from the privateer 2 game (the Darkening!!!).


Well, we work on a wiki-style encyclopedia for both privateer II and the "Erwachen" -books and we hope to translate as much as possible from our german version into the english but we search of corse for new material as well...

So - if you think you can make a good and detailed page about a ship (or a person, a place, a planet) from the game and you want that (signed) book - give us a sign, make a short note here...

The winner will be choosen by the readers here!!!
So, once again: one book (Value: 16 € plus free shipment, even if you life in the usa, england or france, it dosent matter!) waits for a winner...

PS: you speak german? You are from german? No problem at all - I give away a second book for free to a german-version! Please contact me via pm, if you are interessed! The german contest starts on a other board, but I will of corse inform all you here about this contest!

So - start to work on the keyboards!

Good luck!


Short info: all contests entries will become part of the wiki-project, including the name of the author (if he/she wish that!).

Work on novel III continues, new scriptlines are written, several changes include. On my desk here are some loose pages for a "encyclopedia" or "travellers guide" for the "Erwachen" - books, based upon the material from the P II game. There are still lots of work to be done, but the final version of this guide will be for free as .pdf - doc for download.


PS: the winner of the "german" contest for the free book II was "KnThrak2006", his entry can be found here: station-network-thread
Well, well, well...

Several personal changes happend, heavy changes. I am not here to talk about ist, but I have something for you:

The entire book II of the awakening (Erwachen) series. I will go on, posting (hopefully) every day a few pages here. Work on novel III and IV (as well as on 2 books on the pirateside and a travellers guide) goes on, a printed version will be avaible only on personal request.

Perhaps I am missing something here but I did a search on the forum for the translated parts of the first book and i cant find them.

Could someone point me in the right direction ?