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Well, post number 100...

We will make a reading session in june, here in my hometown in germany. It will take place on a "streetparty" and we think that we will use parts of both novels (I and II). Its reading only - not selling anything.

I also start to create some kind of "Tri-System newspaper", it will be part of the upcomming homepage.

You can find parts of it here.

It in german language only, please feel free to give us a feedback if you like.


Test prints of book II (Stille) are ready next week on friday, we get 4 copies in total for our upcoming work.
The books don't have an ISBN yet and there are not for sold, there are just testversions, so we have the time to make some changes, if needed.

We will use these books for the readingsession on the 9th of june...

Pics and reports will follow soon!

Yes, the testreding will go on tomorrow...

And here are some pics of the work so far: my testcopy and - of corse - some of the cards from the cardgame...

We work hard for any new steps, but our spare time goes nearly to level zero...



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Well, the reading session is over. Most of the people stays longer as we aspected - and that people where not (!) scifi fans at all...

Here aere a few pics, and btw: book III & IV are of corse just fakes, shown only for comparson...




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Have you heard anything from EA Germany?

No, not a single word. We are still looking for a more "potential" publisher, since our little publisher can not come up with the huge amount of money EA want from us - if we go foreward and try to sell bigger series of the novel (first edition: 42 books at all). We are still making no profit at all and work on novel III continues. The only thing we can hope for: german (or better: worldwide) fans of the game (or the novel).
If EA hears from more people talking about this project (and perhaps, the cardgame) they could come the one step down to us...

Lets take this serious: 4 books are (more or less) in the works, all inspired by a game done 10 years ago...
And thats not all. I have ideas for 2 other novels (name: bloodlines), both tell the readers about the life inside the chirichan-clan.... the main base for these stories come from novel III and IV of the "erwachen" series.

All we can do is wait and writing. If its not working - what does it matter? You will get a fanfiction, surely someday for free... My friends get their copies for free, as birthday gifts or something in that way...
Only if you will get your hands on a hardcopy, we will go and print another bunch of books and sell them for the cost of mere production.

Oh, I'm not criticizing you - I would love to be able to buy canonical Privateer 2 novels! I'd sit right down and learn German if that ever happened.
I know, Bandit LOAF, I Know...

Nearly every day the story grows in size and get more and more complex... We just finished our "timeline for the tri-system" and work now on several mags and diary entries to fill this little piece of space with more life than ever...

Sadly, our translator Jon aka criticalMass has personal losses to deal with and we don't want to force him back on his desk. Hopefully, he get better someday and a smile reenter his face - he needs the time to heal wounds...


PS: you don't need to learn german at all, I'm sure that "das Erwachen" will be out in english someday.


Well, well. well... time goes by and I find myself in a bitter situation...

As I told you inside the "P II recreation" thread, our forum and main base is history.


...if you havent yet read the book no. I "Sturm" of the "Erwachen" - series and you like to take a deeper look on all of the more than 500 pages at least...

...then just end me a pm. It's the "base material" of the book (.pdf), there are tons of errors and things like this inside it - but yes, its in the end the entire book "Sturm"...
A new printed version (2. edition) of this book is planed for next year - the reason is the book no. II, just read the P.S. of this post.


PS: the release for novel II has changed, I hope to bring this book to an end in december or january... wish me luck!

During the next weeks you can enjoy the entire book I of the "Erwachen" - series. You can find it inside the storythread...

Have fun with it - but don't claim it as your own!

I hope you enjoy the story so far and - by the way - tonights part 63 of the tale includes pages 260... out of 526. There is much more to come...

Keep on reading.

Just a short notice: tomorrow I start my holiday, so I'm away for some days. Expect me back for late sunday, okay?


PS: of corse, you will get another part of the story today, no problem.
Well, today it's part 96 of book I, just less than 100 pages to go!

I have be thinking quite a while for a new release of book II of the Awakening (called Silence - Stille in german) and perhaps some of you find this useful:

- the ISBN for the novel cost 73 €
- two "cost-free" books must be transfert to the National Archive in Leipzig to confirm the ISBN
- also important: the entry inside the VBL, "Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher" or Directory / List of available books - minimum of 50 € per year...
- the print itself: about 10 - 11 € per book (plus taxes, 19 % VAT) at a total of 40 books...

So, if you ever dream about seeing your novel inside of a store without having any big deal with a massive publisher, you will find yourself inside of an big adventure.

Is it worth it?

I think so.

A short question to the mods of this forum: is there a size limit for a post?

I'm just asking because the final part(s) of book I are now ready to go...

And perhaps some people here can't wait for the final pages.
A short question to the mods of this forum: is there a size limit for a post?

I'm just asking because the final part(s) of book I are now ready to go...

And perhaps some people here can't wait for the final pages.

Yes, there is a character limit to posts. However you can attach a word *.doc file or a *txt file to your post as long as it is 100KB or less. That might allow you to post a significantly larger portion of the file. (a 9000 word *.doc file on my PC is about 90KB) You should be able to attach five of of these 100KB chunks to a single post. Alternately you could always post the entire document on another file hosting site and link to it, or better contact the CIC about hosting the file themselves.
Okay, long story short:

I simply split the rest of the novel into 4 parts, each is equal to 10 pages of the book itself.

So - be prepaired for the final round of the story!
And it comes tonight! Part 107 is the last "chapter" of the Awakening - Storm (Das Erwachen - Sturm).

I just hope you enjoyed the trip inside the Tri-System the same way I do... and yes - there are some open questions.

Ask if you like!

We are now in talks with our printstore for the release of book I and a re-release of book I, of corse only in small numbers.

Even without our main base (or better: our forum/board) we don't give up our little project!

I'm still writing new material, ranging from tri-system newmags over datasheets for the fighters up to a privateers diary.

So, there is more to come.



ps: i'm still looking for some critics and comments for the first book! Or even an review of the story - we need this for contacts with bookstores, libaries and, most important - for possible talks with EA.
*short update*

If anything goes as planed, I will get my ISBN for book II (Silence - Stille) next week on friday...

So, the release of this novel can be done (with a big part of luck) at this december! Once again, only a couple of books will be printed and hopefully the reactions of the readers will be as good as on novel I...

Stay tuned!