Broadswords in WCM?...

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A ga-zillion things are "plausible" -- but that doesn't make them true. This one certainly wasn't... [/B]

Aye--that's where the "even likely" part comes in, laddie...

'e said that Blair always SUSPECTED that Taggart's accent was a put-on; it dunna say that it was a "put-on" for SURE! And let's not forget, after godknowshowmany YEARS of hanging out in situations of NOT being around 'is native accent, ANYONE would likely "lose" whatever native accent they held. You tend to to pick up the accent of whatever people you hang around, after any prolonged period of time (I spent a mere 2 years in Philadelphia, and lost whatever traces of a "New York" accent I may've held!; likewise, my brother, stationed in the USAF in Texas a few years back, used to call home with a pronounced Texas drawl in 'is voice!...).

Recall the old saying "when in Rome..."?...
Like I said, Taggart seems to have adopted Scotland as his native country (even if his accent "falters" from time to time ;)).

On a side note, if we assume for the moment that the WC movie is canon (please, let's not get into this now...), then why did Paladin stay on the Claw? Wasn't he doing privateer work in Vega for Confed Intel?
OK, so he's not from Scotland... you have full permission to bludgeon me. :D
However, he does have that accent. I suppose in the end it's irrelevant, but you know how things get in here sometimes... anywhere from the true length of the Intrepid to what size boxers (if any) Tolwyn wore... LOL
If you've ever played the Sega CD version of WC1, you can see why I was so upset. (Voice acting throughout the whole game, including on-ship conversations) Then to have this guy... *shrug* as I said, it really boils down to irrelevance... but I will say one thing. As of WCP, he WAS in Scotland as a resident. It says as much in his letters to Blair in the manual, and to Casey in the Secret Ops fiction... So if he wasn't born in Scotland, he's there now. :D
Sorry LOAF, I couldn't resist...
Woah, woah, woah...

We can't get into an exceedinly anal discussion of what his *citizenship* is, because Scotland, Ares/Mimas, Egypt, Altair and all points north are part of the same Terran Confederation. <G>

On a side note, if we assume for the moment that the WC movie is canon (please, let's not get into this now...), then why did Paladin stay on the Claw? Wasn't he doing privateer work in Vega for Confed Intel?

He didn't stay on the 'Claw -- he went off and continued his mission... which concluded in Pilgrim Truth.
Sure, Paladin's not Scottish...

As a blanket statement, that’s dead wrong.

We commonly call someone Scottish, American, or what-have-you for one of two reasons–either to describe heritage or descent, or to denote citizenship–and neither necessarily depends on whether the person has ever stood on the soil of the given country.

So, if we give the bio in Claw Marks the benefit of any doubts, Taggart is Scottish by virtue of his heritage alone. And, for all we know, he could also be Scottish as a bona fide citizen of Scotland (though, as I indicated, that depends on future law, and so it’s an open question with no good answer).
We already know these facts -- we are told specifically that his parents are from Scotland and that he was born on Ares and so forth and so on. The argument is about his *accent*, not his nationality or his heritage.
Sorry if I misunderstood, but the progression of comments was a “little” hard to follow in that way.:)

We went from the one remark that Taggart’s accent is not Scottish, to that he is not Scottish, to that he was “not from Scotland”, to that he had “adopted” Scotland as his “native” country. Forgive me, but in a couple of those statements (and others besides) it certainly does seem there are assertions/assumptions being made about heritage and/or citizenship.

Regarding the accent, I appreciate the claim, from the WCIV novel, that Taggart’s natural (most natural?) accent is not Scottish. But as for the statements in the Zone, I just don’t see what his not being Scottish (whatever that claim was really supposed to mean in each instance) or his personal history within or without Scotland (to the extent we know it) would have to do with his “true” voice being or not being Scottish.