Artwork WIP: Hellcat Down!


the problem (in my little opinion) is that the basic theme of your art does'nt jump out.
I mean the subject is a crashed hellcat right? Now there's a hellcat alright, and it's down, but it's behind way to mutch smoke. Move the smoke out of the way, show us the guts of a smashed up confed hellcat (lots of pipes or conduits, generators and wires, twisted frame-work).
and you could reposition it to the very front/bottom part of the screen- the waves are nice and all, but nobody gives a flying f.... about them. that last part was harsh, I apologise


If it's stickied, it's kinda asking for it. It's not like he searched through old posts and replied to one, this ws just sitting up at the top of the page. If anyone really cared about it getting replied to, I would imagine it would be unstickied or locked.

No real harm in replying either, it's not like it brought it up to the top, it was already there.


Well if your taking suggestions, I'd suggest (depending on your 3d application your using) to set your "sun" a little higher over the edges and put a lens flare with reflexes enabled, perhaps had some particle smoke/steam from the wreckage and either composite the scene onto a different background or use a greyscale image to generate a different terrain. Just a suggestion. Looks good as is but some thoughts to consider.