Artwork WIP: Hellcat Down!

why not? :D

@Zohrath: I'm planning creating fire using either electric (?) or Afterburn plugin... But of course you are right.. plugins shipped with max just sucks
well... to tell you truth, I has attended a maya usermeeting today :) Maya five seems to be a very good thing :) Especially that all 4 rendering engines were merged and that maya has very good shaders... I'll have to get it :D
Looks better now, but the trees look lonely and you could definitely use some twaeking at the shore line and aroung the fighter... it doesnt look quite in the water
I was on vacation during the last ten days... I have got a lot of things, that has to be sorted out, before I can continue working on the picture :(
Making pictures is easy.
Hey remove the poor Hellcat from there and the pic will be a lot better :(

Put an Epee instead the ship I hate mouhahaha :mad:
Tolwyn you are really good with computer art. That is a keeper man! Very good shot and I see if I can make it my background for my desktop.
thank you.. but really, I am just a 3d newbie... Zohrath, for example, can create really amazing artworks. Hail :p
Tolwyn maybe you are a newb but this pic is indeed great ;)

Anyway,I miss Sadic.....he was a very good 3d artist.....
I assume everyone's already had a look through the CIC's own Fan Art section, there's plenty of nice wallpaper material there.
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Make it a public service annoucement. This is just an example:

This is ship.

This is your ship after you tried to avoid the Kilrathi soccer Moms driving the Ekapshis, while they talked on their cell phones to their cheating husbands, at the same time put on make-up and read a book, all the while with a carload of kili kittens on the way home from soccer practice.

Any Questions?