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How come? Couldn't you just make some background news, and make his "assistant" hold the briefing?
a) A number of the briefing lines would need to be re-written - even though briefings in general tend to be mainly about getting information across, Reismann is still a specific character, and it shows. More than a few of his lines simply couldn't be said by anyone else, because they are written for Reismann as a character.
b) Any such change needs to be set up. Remember how in WC4, it's a really big deal when you walk into the briefing room and find Paulsen there instead of Eisen?
c) A number of other lines in the game from other actors would also need to be re-recorded - any time anybody says "Reismann said..." you get a big disconnect - because it's assumed that the player heard what Reismann said, but this is no longer the case.
d) Replacing Reismann in cutscenes (as opposed to the briefings) would also require Eder to make a new face - and that's obviously not something we're keen on, considering that Eder's already extremely overworked in this project.

In short, it really is fairly complicated. We're going to have to bite the bullet and prepare for the possibility in any case - but we'd most definitely much rather see Reismann come back.
Of those i really see only 3 and 4 as a real problem, but i understand your situation. You re in a pickle there... Hope you'll get the guy back.

I still didn't play your mod as my net is too slow to try downloading that currently, but from what i hear(see) you're doing a great job. Hope you'll make it all right :)
Great news - we've managed to re-establish contact with Andi, and we've received a very significant portion of his voiceovers :D. He's still got about a quarter to a third of them left to do (which is, you know, a lot ;) ), but our position today is far, far better than it was just yesterday.

...Well, at least, my position is. Poor old Tempest is royally screwed, though - he'll have to go over all the 206 voiceovers we've just received from Andi, cleaning them up, fixing their volume, filtering... :D
It's a relief to us all :)

Sorry Tempest, but a wingnut has to do what a wingnut has to do. Thanks for being a great one!