An Unfair Advantage?


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John Madden was in Indianapolis to announce a football game one weekend
when he noticed a special telephone near the Colts' bench. He asked a
nearby player what it was used for and was told it was a hot line to God."
John asked if he could use it. The player told him "Sure, but it will cost
you $100." John scratched his head, then thought "What the heck, I need a
break picking games." He pulled out his wallet and paid $100. John was
perfect that week.
The next week John was in St. Louis when he noticed the same kind of phone
on the Ram's bench. He asked what the telephone was for and was told,
"It's a hot line to God! If you want to use it, it will cost you $100."
Recalling the past week, John quickly pulled out his wallet and made the
call. John was perfect that week also.
The next weekend John was in Nashville at Adelphia Stadium when he noticed
the same kind of telephone by the Titans' bench. He asked Steve McNair
"Is that the hot line to God?" Steve said, "Yes, but the call will cost
you 35 cents." John looked incredulously at Steve and said. "Wait a
second, I just paid $100 in Indianapolis and St. Louis to use the same
phone to God! Why does Tennessee only charge 35 cents?"
Steve looked at John and replied, "In Tennessee, it's a local call."

*confused look*
*looks around sheepishly*
*tickles his armpit just to get a smile on his face*

hehehehe heuuur....

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I think it was a joke. Who won the superbowl? I forgot.

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St. Louis. I think. Eh, I'm not a big sports fan.

Whatever this thread was about, it was still cool to see Indianapolis mentioned. (I live there...)

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I saw something on tv about that (no football here in Belgium, altough we have soccer, lots of soccer, way too much soccer...)
Some guy lying next to the goalline with like 3 guys on him reaching out with his arm to make the touchdown.

The time is near.
There are 333 days remaining.

I don't care for fame, power or money...
I just want to FIGHT!
-Sanosuke Sagara
Soccer is getting way out of hand IMHO. All those riots. Geez it's just a game. And you really don't get much American football in my part of the world. But you always know when the Superbowl is on coz newspaper comic strips start printing those Superbowl jokes ...
Steampunk: Well, of course you don't get much American football... Rugby should be enough for you
. Mind, I sorta prefer the rugby season over the cricket season - a rugby game is much, much shorter. Less TV time taken up
Well, not really. But at least it takes up less TV time than cricket. A cricket game can take three days, and absolutely nothing happenes during the game
For those of you who have never played cricket.... That little red ball can hurt like HELL


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When I play Rugby with my friends all I do is sit on the side and pass out water bottles

That counts as playing, right?
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Australia, on the weekends, there's nothing on TV 'cept sports and a lot of it is cricket, rugby or aussie rules football whatever that is. And during the summer holiday even worse ... my friend said she's been doing nothing but watch sports stuff all day.
The summer holiday is _the_ worst. Like I said, a cricket game lasts (at least) a whole day. And they play a lot of cricket in summer.
I heard that cricket's a lot like baseball, and I can't stand baseball. Nothing ever happens.

I like basketball. It's nice and fast and it doesn't hurt.
It's worse than baseball. In baseball, every once in a while somebody will run around the field. In cricket... They just jog five metres at a leisurly pace.

Basketball's all right, although I'm too uncoordinated to be good at it.
I'd rather watch synchronised swimming than cricket
for obvious reasons
And how did that wicket thing come about?
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