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    Kilrathi in 1986?

    I ran across this purely by accident, but I was looking through some of the concept artwork for the film Willow, and I noticed a few pictures that had a 'Kilrathi' feel to them:
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    "Ek'rah skabak erg Thrak'Kilrah maks Cheesy Balls" (January 26, 2016)

    I immediately thought of this.
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    A surprising Wing Commander music similarity.

    I received my copy of the Wing Commander Orchestral Recording Project the other day, and I love it. However, listening to the arrangements, I was startled to notice some musical subtlety that had gone over my head with the original game MIDI files. That is, the strange similarity of the WC3...
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    Cast The Wing Commander Novels!

    Considering that Alexander Siddig is Malcolm McDowell’s nephew, it would be too perfect for Siddig to play Kevin "Lone Wolf" Tolwyn.
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    Spaceships Universe. Wing Commander Tribute.

    Arraen, your choice of music is perfect! I always loved Christopher Stasheff’s presentation of the Venture-class corvettes as being some sort of B-17 / U-boat hybrid in feel and operation. (Though the placement of the turrets on the Venture still befuddles me to this day.) Anyway, amazing...
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    Kilrathi interior designer needed

    OK, Image intensive post incoming. I apologize in advance. DOORS AND FLOORS As depicted in WC: Academy, the Kilrathi appear to love their hexagonal doorways (though this sin't the only designs seen) as well as hexagonal launch ports attached to the hanger deck. Worth noting is the door...
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    Kilrathi interior designer needed

    Holy Cats! How did I not see this sooner?! Anyway, hope its not to late to get my two cents in, but I remember these images from the canceled Privateer 3. I think this was supposed to be a Kilrathi pub or something, but so reason it cant be used for the pilot's lounge. There was also this...
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    Our Enemies: Space Tigers

    I found a fairly recent entry on Future War Stories about the abundance and nature of hostile feline aliens in fiction. Needles to say, the Kilrathi get a lengthy mention.
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    A Revised Discussion of the Kilrathi Language

    Nothing sarcastic meant, it just mirrored my reaction to reading all these posts. Well, maybe it needed a single manly tear. Anyway. As for Chaucer, how about the first lines from " The Knight's Tale", it has a very Kilrathi-like ring to it. "Once upon a time, old stories tell us, There was...
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    A Revised Discussion of the Kilrathi Language

    Well done, capi. My hat is off to you and the others for taking my blind fumbling and turning it into something real and viable. My request: Baron Jukaga is noted to have been a fan of Chaucer, so might we have a snippet of the Canterbury Tales in Kilrathi?
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    Help put some Wing Commander squadrons in Robotech!

    Palladium Books and Ninja Division are making a new table-top tactical RPG, and are offering fans the chance to design a squadron and fighter markings, and I think this would make an excellent opportunity for some Terran Confederation fighter squadrons to cameo in the U.N. SPACY! Use the...
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    Ek'rah Skabak erg Thrak'Chip munks Rag'nith (December 13, 2011)

    I remember seeing this episode as a child, but forgot about it until years later when I first discovered Wing Commander. I always thought that the imagery and themes were to thinly veiled to be anything other than a direct reference to Wing Commander.
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    In hindsight, the Wing Commander movie was a masterpiece.

    Like I said, the Pilgrim Alliance reminds me much of the Principality of Zeon. That and Mormans...IN SPACE! I think that thought is what started Daimon Karnes down his lonely path. Hell, for all we know, he might have bear witness to the Peron massacre. Truth is, I kind of like the moral...
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    Steltek Appearance

    STEL-TEK (tm), now under new management. :D