Help put some Wing Commander squadrons in Robotech!


Rear Admiral
Palladium Books and Ninja Division are making a new table-top tactical RPG, and are offering fans the chance to design a squadron and fighter markings, and I think this would make an excellent opportunity for some Terran Confederation fighter squadrons to cameo in the U.N. SPACY!

Use the images here:

Scan/photograph/email a fully colored version of the VF1-J battloid of your ace pilot/squadron
Include the name of your Squadron/Pilot, (Optional) Include a squadron special marking/icon, and email entries to no later than May 31st for a chance to have your squadron and/or ace pilot immortalized in the Robotech RPG Tactics main rule book! Winners will not only receive their Squadrons/Ace Pilot included in the rule book, but also receive a hand painted version of their Squadron/Ace Pilot's Veritech fighter painted in all three modes to add to your collection!

Judging will take place the first week of June, and winners will be announced via email and Facebook.