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Rachel Coriolis# 112 

Name Rachel Coriolis
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Family Christopher Blair
Residence TCS Midway
About Rachel Coriolis is the most decorated enlisted female in the Confed Navy, and is regarded as one of the top five naval engineers on active duty.
Coriolis was born on a Navy base. She is the middle child and only girl in afamily of five. Her father is a Navy MP, and her mother nightclub singer (and a showgirl before marriage.)

Coriolis excelled in science and math, earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering in college.
She took Naval ROTC and did well, but dropped out in Junior year rather than accept a commission.

Coriolis took an assignment on Victory, becoming the youngest flight deck Chief on a Confed carrier at the time of the assignment. Coriolis married Christopher Blair immediately after the war.
Following a messy marriage break-up, Coriolis re-enlisted and earned two post-graduate degrees while serving.

Coriolis had an occasional involvement in research projects, and joined Midway's development at Blair's invitation after being promised control of the flight deck after its launch. Coriolis is now friends with Blair.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 7 2003


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