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Shield Generators# 905 

Name Shield Generators
About Shield generators.. generate shields. The civilian versions come in seven different levels.

Level 1 - Uses 100GW power - Provides 100CM protection - Costs 10,000 credits.
Level 2 - Uses 200GW power - Provides 200CM protection - Costs 30,000 credits.
Level 3 - Uses 300GW power - Provides 300CM protection - Costs 50,000 credits.
Level 4 - Uses 400GW power - Provides 400CM protection - Costs 100,000 credits.
Level 5 - Uses 500GW power - Provides 500CM protection - Costs 150,000 credits.
Level 6 - Uses 600GW power - Provides 600CM protection - Costs 180,000 credits.
Level 7 - Uses 700GW power - Provides 700CM protection - Costs 200,000 credits.

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