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Engine Upgrade# 686 

Name Engine Upgrade
About Despite the name, Engine Upgrades don't affect speed. The upgrades increase the efficiency of a ship's power generators, with a level 1 upgrading giving an extra 180 gigawatts of power and each level after providing an additional 100 gigawatts each. The extra power can be used to recharge a ship's gun power pool more quickly, or to power a stronger shield upgrade.

Engine upgrades come in seven levels:
Level 1 - 180GW - Costs 10,000 credits
Level 2 - 280GW - Costs 30,000 credits
Level 3 - 380GW - Costs 60,000 credits
Level 4 - 480GW - Costs 100,000 credits
Level 5 - 580GW - Costs 150,000 credits
Level 6 - 680GW - Costs 250,000 credits
Level 7 - 780GW - Costs 350,000 credits

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