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Scorpion# 492 

Name Scorpion
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Died 2667.101
Residence Ayer's Rock
About Scorpion was a Special Operations agent. Scorpion infiltrated the Mandarins in 2665 and was able to send a message to Paladin from Ayer's Rock in 2667. The message allowed Paladin to track the location of the Mandarin base.

When Paladin closed on Ayer's Rock, Scorpion opened communications with Paladin and informed him that the base is scrambling two wings to fighters to investigate the electronic masking of the Morningstars that Christopher Blair and Todd Marshall are flying. Blair and Maniac intercepted the wings and destroyed them before they can report back to Ayer's Rock.

Scorpion later sent another message saying that the entire base is under security alert looking for him. He also said that Ayer's Rock is being used as the main base for all Mandarin operations and hundreds of pockets of resistance are co-ordinated from there. Also because of security risks, there had never been a meeting of all Mandarin leaders until that time. With all of the Mandarin leaders on Ayer's Rock, the destruction of the base would effectively eliminate the Mandarins.

Afterwards Scorpion sent yet another transmission to Paladin. Scorpion said that Ayer's Rock is being evacuated since they are certain that the Concordia is coming. Talon let slip that the Concordia isn't coming and at that point Admiral Rakh'rhi takes over the communications from Scorpion and orders his execution. Rakh'rhi offered Paladin the chance to surrender. Paladin refused.

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