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Graham# 346 

Name Graham
Faction Civilian
Race Human
About Graham is the child of a male pilot on the TCS Lexington (Armada). He sent a letter and stuffed toy shaped like a cat (Mr Kat) to his dad in 2669. The letter reads as follows:


Mommy sez you HAVE to fly in to tHe and go real far. I wanned to go, But you sed I war to Be a good BOY and stay Home witH Mommy. SHe gived me a star off your soot an I putted it on tHe Blu cote you Bot for me on my BirtHay.

WHy do you fite tHe Kats? I like my kittin. He is real soft and never Bits me. My frend Billy sez tHat Big Kats in playns try to sHoot you. How Kan a Kat drive a space sHip? THey dont Have fingers to move tHe starin stiK. I tHink you must Be rely scared so I am mayling you my stufed good luK Kat. Pleez Bring Him Home wen your tHru fiting.

We luv you a lot DADDY!

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 2 2003


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