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Hugh Paulsen# 221 

Name Hugh Paulsen
Rank Captain
Faction Black Lance
Race Human
Died 2673.220
Residence TCS Lexington
About Hugh Paulsen's family was part of the Remin-Krug weapons consortium, but following the Battle of Earth, Remin-Krug's facilities were all but destroyed. Paulsen moved to to liason work for Confederation R&D. He worked for the Bureau of Weapons as program manager, where he was involved with the Mark V torpedo and third generation Mass Driver. These projects got him promoted. At this point he was a junior lieutenant on the TCS Potemkin.

Paulsen had access to black funds, which he used to buy influence by funding the Black Lance project. Paulsen's lack of combat experience prevented him from being promoted, so he was desperate for a command position so that he could be promoted to rear admiral. So persons unknown had Paulsen replace William Eisen on the Lexington. Once assigned to the Lexington, he no longer had access to the funds, and was considered expendable.

When people started defecting from the Lexington to the BWS Intrepid, Paulsen sent the Lexington in after the Intrepid without her escorts. This move resulted in the Lexington being disabled and out of action for a month, and meant a setback and time-delay for the Black Lance. For this Paulsen was executed and thrown out the airlock by Seether.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 7 2003


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