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TCS Victory (CV-40)# 1512 

Name TCS Victory (CV-40)
Class Ranger class Light Carrier
Note Ranger class Light Carrier
Faction Terran Confederation
About The TCS Victory was supposed to have been retired before the 2660s, but even in 2669 it was serving on the front line. The heavy losses taken at the Battle of Earth forced Confed to put more ships like the Victory on the front line.

The ship appeared pretty shabby, worn down.
The air filters weren't working too well, and the flight deck smelled like sweat and burned materials.
Even the crew's uniforms had seen better days.

Despite this, the Victory still had a large part to play in the war. The Victory assisted in tests of the new Excalibur fighter, served as escort for the TCS Behemoth, and it was Victory pilots who flew the Temblor bomb run to Kilrah.

Following the war, the TCS Victory became an orbiting museum.

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