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TCS Vesuvius (CV-70)# 1511 

Name TCS Vesuvius (CV-70)
Class Vesuvius class Heavy Carrier
Note Vesuvius class Heavy Carrier
Christened 2673.230
Lost 2673.231
Faction Terran Confederation
About The TCS Vesuvius was christened by James Taggart. Its logo was an erupting volcano superimposed on a large letter V.

Phoenix Wing
Eagle's Claw Wing
Serpent Wing
Griffin Wing

Serpent and Griffin wings were lost in the Border Worlds raid on the Confederation facilities in the Speradon System. Serpent Wing was on the TCS Princeton. The pilots were killed and the Black Hellcats and Dragons were captured. Griffin Wing was in the weapons factory when it was destroyed.

The TCS Vesuvius, which was under Geoffrey Tolwyn's control, was chasing the BWS Intrepid in 2673 when the TCS Mount St. Helens jumped in to assist the Intrepid. This diversion allowed Christopher Blair to fly through the launch bay of the Vesuvius and launch a flash-pak. Due to the alloy used on the Vesuvius, the flash-pak wouldn't work from the outside.

The flash-pak destroyed the Vesuvius, though not before Tolwyn was able to flee in a shuttle.

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