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Hhriss class Medium Fighter# 1377 

Name Hhriss class Medium Fighter
Faction Kilrathi Empire
About The Hhriss class fighter entered service around the time of the Sivar-Esrad at Firekka in 2655.

Class Heavy Fighter
Length 28 meters
Mass 22 metric tonnes
Max Velocity 380 kps
Cruise Velocity 300 kps
Acceleration ???
Max Afterburner Velocity ??? kps
Max Y/P/R 12/10/15 deg/s
Guns Mass Drivers (2), Neutron Guns (2)
Missile Hardpoints 1x1 HS, 1x1 IR
Front Shield 15 cm
Rear Shield 18 cm
Front Armor 18 cm
Rear Armor 14 cm
Right/Left Armor 17 cm
Jump Capable No

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