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Hakaga class Heavy Carrier# 1376 

Name Hakaga class Heavy Carrier
Faction Kilrathi Empire
About The Hakaga class was developed under Project Hari. They managed to overcome difficulties with translight jumping of ships above a certain size and mass. They carried the new Vatari class fighters due to be launched in 2669. The carriers had a shield generator capable of repulsing nearly any Confed weapon including Mark IV and V antimatter torpedoes. The carrier was at least twice the length of the "current design" as of 2668 and featured 6 launch bays, 3 aft 3 forward and the vulnerable engine nacelles were completely concealed and armored.

The Hakaga class carried 288 strike craft and fighters, thirty-two mass driver quad batteries, thirty-two neutron and laser batteries, six gattling launch tubes for anti torp defense. It had three concentric layers of interior armor. All six bays are self contained. Fighters can be shifted from one part of the other by internal access corridors, allowing hits to three or even four bays.

The Hakaga class required more than six times the material of a normal fleet attack carrier to build.

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