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Gladius class Light/Heavy Fighter# 1312 

Name Gladius class Light/Heavy Fighter
Faction Terran Confederation

2669 Gemini Sector variant

Class Militia Light Fighter
Length 36 meters
Max Velocity 400 kps
Acceleration Very Good
Max Afterburner Velocity 1000 kps
Max Y/P/R Good
Guns Lasers (2), Particle Cannon (1)
Torpedo Hardpoints 1x8 PT
Missile Hardpoints 1x2 HS
Front/Rear Shield ??? cm
Front Armor 14 cm
Rear Armor 10 cm
Right/Left Armor 8 cm
Jump Capable No

2669 TCS Lexington variant

Class Heavy Fighter
Length 36 meters
Mass 6.900 metric tonnes
Max Velocity 7505 k/s
Cruise Velocity 500 k/s
Acceleration Good
Max Afterburner Velocity ??? kps
Max Y/P/R 3/4/5 deg/s
Guns Lasers (2), Particle Cannons (2), Tachyon Cannons (2)
Torpedo Hardpoints 1x1
Missile Hardpoints 8x1 DF, 1x1 HS
Missile Decoys Chaff Pod (1)
Front/Rear Shield 50 cm
Right/Left Shield 40 cm
Shield Recharge 0.5 cm/sec
Front/Rear Armor 40 cm plasteel
Right/Left Armor 37.5 cm plasteel
Core Strength 150
Jump Capable Yes

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 9 2003


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