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TCS Princeton (CV-48)# 1250 

Name TCS Princeton (CV-48)
Class Concordia class Fleet Carrier
Note Concordia class Fleet Carrier
Faction Terran Confederation
About The TCS Princeton was a Concordia class fleet carrier, under construction in the Speradon System in 2673. It was hijacked by Border Worlds forces from the BWS Intrepid.

Black Lance units were on the ship when the BWS Intrepid raided it. They had set self-destruct charges on the carrier to keep the regular crew in line. 40 of the regular crew defected to the Border Worlds.

The ship carried Black Lance (Dragon) fighters. Some were transferred to the BWS Intrepid.

Crew from the BWS John Hopkins, led by commander Toliver, helped to operate the ship. Normally this would have been done by several hundred crew. Christopher Blair, being the highest ranked officer, was made captain of the ship until he could be relieved.

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