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Twilight Purchase# 1156 

Name Twilight Purchase
Class Cruise Ship - (ex. Ana Marie Alberghetti)
Note Civilian Cruise Ship
Christened 2679.240
Faction Privateer
About The Twilight Purchase is a cruise ship which was named after an incident in Trafalgar in 2679. A cruise on such a ship costs the equivalent of the average Confed citizen's annual wages.

The Twilight Purchase came under attack from alien forces while in the Cygnus system in 2681. Fortunately pilots from TCS Cerberus were nearby to assist. The Cerberus transferred survivors from the Ana Maria Alberghetti to the Twilight Purchase, which took them to a remote medical laboratory in Cygnus.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 8 2003


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