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Events around April 22 (.112)


Enyo 2
Christopher Blair again flies a Hornet with Mariko Tanaka, escorting a Drayman class transport to a jump point.
[Wing Commander]


Gwynedd A
Despite being free of Kilrathi for quite some time, Blair and Shadow encounter Sartha and Drakhri fighters during a routine patrol around Caernarvon in Ferrets. It is Blair's first combat mission since being convicted of negligence.
[Wing Commander II]

Gwynedd B
The TCS Concordia comes under attack from Kilrathi fighters near Caernarvon Station. With it's escort TCS Beowulf destroyed and it's hangar bay damaged and unable to launch fighters, Blair and Shadow scramble from Caernarvon in Ferrets to assist. Blair's wing destroys the fighters and the Concordia manages to outrun the Fralthra from which they launched.
[Wing Commander II]


Gwynedd C
Blair and Shadow escort a pair of Concordia's Broadsword bombers on a mission to destroy the Kilrathi cruiser in the area.
[Wing Commander II]


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