Zathras' Ship's Familiar Shape (November 23, 2019)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
It's hard to capture a nice still, but Zathras' ship looks a LOT like Grandpa Mack's Tarsus. Someone on Compuserv pointed that out in 1996 and J. Michael Straczynski replied that he hadn’t played Privateer!

The new Wing Commander he’s referring to would have been Wing Commander IV which had come out in February. If he ever got to play he’d have found that he and Chris Roberts had similar tastes when casting space fighter pilots!

Original update published on November 23, 2019


Rear Admiral
Just rewatched B5 a couple of months back and I remember thinking that Zathras' ship looked a lot like the Tarsus.

Seems across sci-fi similar designs make there way across the universes.


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The Narn fighter also looked a lot like a more angular dralthi, complete with red markings on the wings.


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Love B5, the Starfury is my top most X-shaped spacefighters!

Zathras not worried, Zathras trained in crisis management.