you're right.


especially with windows 98se and its prompt for dos games with expanded memory. However, for some evil reason, the game can't find the cd of privateer, even with all the wisdom these guys have imparted.
Well, since the CD drivers don't seem to be doing you any good, let's delete them. Go into the properties for the shortcut we made earlier and delete the following lines:

(from Config.Sys: )

(from Autoexec.Bat: )

Next, it's time to do some file editing. In Windows, go to your Privateer directory and double-click on priv.cfg. It'll probably ask you which program you want to open it with; just choose Notepad. The contents of the file should look something like this (I could be wrong; it's been a while):


Change it to


Then, make a similar change to RF.CFG: change




Save the files and double-click on the shortcut. Hopefully, it'll work.

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