"You're going home in a box!"

"This one was not a warrior!"
"I am humbled!" (Devil Ray)
"Your soft skin will be ripped apart!"
"You are foolish to resist!"
"You shall be fodder to our beasts, human!"

(George Oldziey)
"Victims in sight"
"Taking it to them!"
"I'm fine...and ready to do THEM damage!"
Some of my faves:

"C'mon, you little mosquito-BITE me!"
"Here, lemme enLIGHTEN you!"
"One order of Kitty McNuggets, comin' up"
"I got chunks o' guys like you in my stool" (courtesy of Phil Hartman as Frank Sinatra on SNL)
"Burial or cremation?"
::sings:: "All you are is DUST in the wind..."
"I got ya Sivar, right HERE!"
"Mostly, I likes to hear they shells crunch" (Nephilim; substitute "bones" for "shells" if Kilrathi...)
BTW: Im opening a new Fast Food Store: Kentucky Fried Kilrathi

Please come visit and have a family size bucket of fried claws for only 9 credits!!!
I do speak for myself. A speaking and typing pug is much more endearing than a human who makes stupid posts. :p

This lesson is from LOAF, WildWeasel, TyeDyeBoy an Frosty: Don't be stupid.
Originally posted by LeHah
I do speak for myself. A speaking and typing pug is much more endearing than a human who makes stupid posts. :p

This lesson is from LOAF, WildWeasel, TyeDyeBoy an Frosty: Don't be stupid.

actually, that came from the insults thread that i started. That whole thread was just sheer stupidity! but it was fun.
"Taking out the trash!" (Veil)
"The bugs check in, but they don't check out!" (Veil)
"Almost makes you feel sorrry for them" (vEIL)
"Ooh yah, let me haav dis one" (Wyvern, Drago)
"Das IT! TAH-GET E-LIM-IN-A-TED-, suh!" (Wyvern, Drago)
"It is our destiny to destroy you!"
"Your death are old but beautiful!"
"I die with honor!" (Manta)
"You cannot stop us! (boom)" (Cruiser)
"It is unfortunate you must be destroyed" (Devil Ray)
"Mutant one, Uglies: zero!" (Mutant)
"My brethren shall consume you!" (Devil Ray)
You'd be surprised how sturdy those ejection pods are... at least ejecting into the Midway rebounds you into space. :)
I rarely eject, and I've never seen a death upon ejection (except for when Kilrathi/Nephilim pick you up). Although, I wouldn't be surprised if ejection inside a capship would kill you - WC3/4 objects are very flimsy, no bounciness like WCP/SO. Of course, anyone who would eject inside their carrier deserves to die, anyway.
exactly. one time, i ejected, and a strakha decloaked right in front of me and rammed my ejection pod, kiling me. i ejected to live and fight another day, but noooooooooo, i got to goto my own funeral.
From the WCIIIscript:

Kilrathi (WCIII):
You pathetic descendant of monkeys!
You fly like the ape that you are!
You will not survive this battle, ape scum!
I shall eat your heart and spit it out, Terran!
Die, you furless freak!
The Confed ape dares to attack?!
For the honor of my noble race . . .
Cease your struggle, meat - - you cannot win!
You shall roast alive in your ship!
Hairless alien! Your death shall be sweet!
Alien scum!
Your feeble skills make me laugh, leaf eater!
I can smell your fear!
Humans are clawless cowards!
You will be destroyed, ape!
Prepare to die, Terran!
Your people you will soon be our slaves!
Death you shall welcome when I am through with you!
You will die with dishonor, ape!
Your days are over, prey-species!
I will gut you, human!

Your wingman is history! Now it is your turn!
Your comrade has been obliterated! Now you’re on your own, Terran.
One monkey down! One to go!
Your pathetic attempts at flying make me laugh, Human.
These Terran apes get more feeble with every battle!
These fools are unworthy of our weapons!
Your kind dies without honor!
You are worth less than the dung on Ryka III!
Fight you scum!
You dare to battle with me?!
You puny furless freak!
Why waste time with your maneuvers, Terran?! Your death is imminent!

Impossible! I am hit!
The hairless scum has hit me!
Kilrah! Avenge me!
I have dishonored my clan . . . arrgghhh!
I have been cheated of my victory!
You have bested me! Noooo!
Arrrghhh! I am slain!
I go down for my Emperor!
I have failed my race!
My clan shall avenge my death!
My death is at hand! Kilrah, I die for you!

WCIII (Blair):
Time to see your vet, kitty!
You’re headed for the big litter box in the sky!
I hate east targets,
It’s like shootin’ cats in a barrel.
You’re going home in a box!
Don’t they teach you critters how to fly!
Prepare to die!
Say good night, kitty!
Whiskers don’t surf!
Come on, you flea-bitten beast! Take it like a man!
Geez. At least pretend like you know how to fly!
Let’s kick some tail!
Let’s fry some whiskers!
In your whiskers!
Can’t fly - - must die!
You’ve messed with the best - - now die like the rest!

Die, you furry scum! ( Cobra)
Suck vacuum, furball! (Cobra)
I’m gonna hand you your spleen - - if you’ve got one, you freak. (Flash)
Let’s put these fleabags into bodybags. (Flash)
All growl, no action. (Flint)
You cats are history. (Flint)
I’m death on wings! (Maniac)
Lots of ways to skin a cat. (Maniac)
Here kitty kitty! (Vagabond)
Time to die, cats! (Vagabond)
Vaminos, gatos! Let’s rumble! (Vagabond)
Sit still and let me fry your ass! (Vagabond)