"You're going home in a box!"

LOL TC, but seeing how fast an original question is put aside in a thread on this CZ, I thought I'd better start out the right way.

By the way, you already didn't answer that question! Seems a question is only a reason to start a new thread, not necessarily the topic of the thread.. hence the side question. Got it?
Hmmm custom taunts........Well its not to much of a good idea. My cousins had warcraft II and the customized the death voices that both sides said. Well every few seconds you would hear the soliders in there scream "momma" and "I must die" it was crazy.
WC2 comes with a custom taunts creator, methinks.

Having said that, taunts annoy sometimes. Example : I brought a friend round in order to educate him in REAL sci-fi, but the only taunt out of Blair was "I hate easy targets" (this was WC3). About half an hour spent searching for a different taunt, with no success.

what do you mean the only taunt you could find was that one. Ive heard him say " Go to hell furball" and "your going home in a box"
No...but I saved it to disk, along with "Kittens vs. Bunny Rabbits". Simply classic. You might want to look at Wing Commander 4.123106 for inspiration...and then there's always "Bugs Bunny screws his mother", which I use in response to any insult. I'm also compiling Prophecy insults, which I hope to release before 2681.
I remember this one. "Hey gober you have any naked pictures of your mother" the guy replys "no" then blair says "wanna buy some?"
I modified some of the WC2 insults for SO1/2, so I could use them against the human targets as well.

And I made some for Armada for MP but can't remember them.
Use the Monkey Island insults. :)

Here are some from Prophecy:

"Your line shall end here!" (Nephilim)

More later.
Armada also had a WAV-to-Taunt maker. I think I just used some choice bits from Aliens.
Originally posted by Bob McDob
I'm also compiling Prophecy insults, which I hope to release before 2681.
When I have the time, I intend on going through the speech TRE files in WCP and using HCl's audio tool to catalogue them. That should keep anyone occupied for a few years, but I can be persistent. :)

Originally posted by Mekt-Hakkikt
I modified some of the WC2 insults for SO1/2, so I could use them against the human targets as well.
Of course you would. :) I find it amusing in the losing path strike against the Rigel supply depot, Hobbes says "Kilrathi ships ahead." :)
"I'll rip your head off and crap down your neck!" (Hawk)
"Does your face hurt, bug? 'Cause 't's killin' me"
"Don't mess with me, little INSECT" (Amazon)
"How you like to take a spin with Roulette?" (Roulette)
"Score!" (Redline)
"I like it when bugs go SQUISH!"
"He's DEAD"
"We haven't been properly introduced. I'm Maestro. You're dead".
"Forgive me. But I'm going to have to kill you." (Maestro)
"Come meet the Maniac, uglies!" (Maniac)
"Make like a tree an' get out of here!" (Maniac, WC4.123106BTTF)
"Ready to die, bug?" (Stiletto)
"Ah report one enim' casualt', suh!" (Wyvern)
"HEY! Pick on somebody your own...um...Never mind..." (Maestro)
"Da da daaa! CHARGE!" (Maestro)
"Aw, widdle buggies all got dead?" (Maestro)
"Die you bastard!" (Dallas)
"Tah-get E-LI-MI-NA-TED, suh!" (Wyvern)
"Teach yo mother to suck eggs, insect!"
"Did you see that!?!" (Maniac)
"Rock 'n roll!"
"Ooh, yah, now let me have this one"
"The bridge is broken! Geddit?"
"Watch out, bugs...Blair is back" (Maverick)
"Target eliminated!"
"Prepare to be exterminated, roach!" (Casey)
"Test this, insect!" (Casey)
"Looking for a real warrior? Try me" (Casey)
"Cats, bugs...you all die the same" (Maverick)
"You cin not escape" (Posse)
"Not bad...rookie" (Stiletto)
"You creeps haven't heard of me!?!" (Maniac)

Wing IV
"You Border Worlder lowlife" (Confed)
"HYA! Die!" (Pirate)
"Bon appetit, scumbag!" (Quality)
"Hey, how can you fly for Confed!" (Pirate)
"My grandma flies better'n that!" (Pirate)
"Hey, Gomers! Knock knock!" "Uhh, who's there?" "Snatch!" "ooo, a dirty one! Snatch who?" "Gesundheit!" (WC4.123106)
"Target demolished!" (Sosa)

"Our might is beyond resistance!"
"Your line shall end here!"
"Fight, prey!"
"Our destiny is to destroy you!"
"Your species is endangered, man-creature!"
"You are unworthy!"
"Why do you resist?"
"Your numbers are small! Your fighting pathetic!"
"You are no warrior!"
"You shall be fodder to our feasts, human!"
"The felines are nothing compared to out might!" (Squid)
"You will fail your race!"
"You will lose this battle!"

"The mother creature shall avenge me!..." (Devil Ray)
"My thread is ended!"
"I salute you, my slayer" (Devil Ray)
"Your victory is insignificant!"
"Our deaths mean nothing. Your race shall perish!"
"I have failed!"
"The hull is breaking up. All pilots, stand clear!"
"Your victory shall be short-lived" (Triton)
"The ship is about to explodeeHHHHHHH..." (Barracuda)

"Your death will be too easy!"
"My claws are sharper than yours!"
"I smell your fear!"
"Another warrior is avenged"
"Ha! See how the Kilrathi fight!"
"My name shall be written in the Tome of Sivar"
"Finish this one!"

"Well fought, human. Perhaps we shall honor you in battle one day"
"I join my ancestors..."
"Farewell my clan..."
"Death claims me!..."
"The Kilrathi are pleased to provide assistance"
"The murdering hairless ape is not worthy of our assistance"
some of my customs:
"A chimp could outfly you!"
"How long have you been a pilot? Two, three days?"
"Spoon!"(just had to throw that in there)
"You fly like you've been nutered!"
"Kittie, Mace. Mace, Kittie." *BOOM*
That's about all I can remember from my customs... :)