Your Top Five favorite Bands

In no particular order

1.) Alice In Chains
2.) Manowar
3.) Ednaswap
4.) The Cars

I could only come up with four - so I'll just say "Talk Talk" for the sake of obscurity.
1) Suicide Commando
2) Apoptygma Berzerk
3) De/Vision
4) Linkin Park
5) Garbage

...and many, many more...

I heard that they're actually working on an album again.

Not sure about a new album but their greatest hits album is going to be released tomarrow. I been watching a lot of Hex lately and its theme song, #1 Crush, is on the album and I can't get it out of my head. I'd pick up the album for that song alone.

Edit: O.K. the album is released today. Didn't notice it was after midnight already
1: Reel Big Fish
2:Streetlight Manifesto
3:Catch 22

Then of course there's the immortal Led Zeppelin, and somewhat by extension Page & Plant's two solo efforts together, but they sort of occupy a higher order for me that never fades away.
no particular order

1: Boston
2: Queen
3: Five Iron Frenzy
4: Trans Siberian Orchestra
5: Seven Shooter (I'm in it)
I tend to "change" my favorite bands quite frequently, but here goes.
1. Megadeth
2. Metallica
3. Disturbed
4. Rob Zombie
5. Having a hard time deciding between Ozzy and AC/DC.
1)Motley Crue



4)Linkin Park


there are so many that I like but if i had to pick a top 5 it might be this but maybe Disturbed over Nickelback

2): Dream Theater

3): Alice in Chains.

4): Queensryche

5): In Flames.

Yeah, I listen to a lot of metal.
I probably would say Disturbed but that was an edit after I already posted but I like Nickelback alot so I didn't bother changing it. Their so many bands that I like and its hard to choose a top 5 but those guys are all in top 10 at least of mine.
1. Metallica
2. Rammstein (their lyrics are just plain funny)
3. Blind Guardian
4. Voodoo Cult (funny lyrics as well)
5. Subway to Sally

Though I like a lot of individual songs which are not from these bands and I am not very well informed in music things, I rarely listen to the radio.
1) Led Zeppelin
2) Tool
3) Faith No More
4) Rush
5) Primus

That's one hell of a list i say...

Lost prohpets are also cool :D
Nice Mentioning Queen, Alice in chains and Dream Theater... Oh and queensryche and Beatles and spin doctors and Savatage/ TSO...

As you might have guessed i really can't make a list but lemme try...

1) Faith no more
4)Spin Doctors
5) All the other good bands :D

Well you american people, guardians are pretty popular in europe...
kamelot (seeing them in august... going to be amazing)

blind guardian (saw them less than a year ago)

nightwish (seeing them in october got tickets a few hours before they sold out)

Vanessa Carlton (why's everyone looking at me funny?)

Sonata Arctica (the older stuff)