Yet another "What if" missile thread


What if...

1)A fighter was flying head-on into a DF and was close(up to 3-5 hexes)? Considering the speed of the missile, would he be able to make an evasive action (banking probably)? Since the missile is way faster, would he able to make it? (Similar goes to when the missile would be right behind him)

2) During the evading, the fighter would fly through asteroids? THe missile would be destroyed?

3)...maybe I'll think of something later
The answer to your first question is already somewhere in this forum: Yes, evasive action is possible in both cases, since a hex is a non-defined area of 3D space, where the fighter may well have enough room to outmaneuver the missile.

And yes, missiles can be destroyed in asteroid fields. I think it's in the manual, or isn't it? If not, I'll have to add another detail in v0.15.